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Training for a marathon on 6/2/12 . . .Haven't committed to the race yet :)

Wall of Motivation (24)

  1. Amy B.

    Fantastic! Way to go! on a workout

  2. Hashi2

    Way to go, Marathoner! Great job!!!! on a workout

  3. Hashi2
      Good Luck

    Nice 3 miler, Cindy. Enjoy your race on Saturday. Have a great time crossin... read more

  4. Amy B.
      Good Luck

    Have a fantastic run on Saturday! on a workout

  5. Hashi2
      Great Performance

    Amazing miles, Cindy. Great job! on a workout

  6. Nancy Z.
      Nice Job

    Whoo hoo!!!! Way to go Cindy! I am SO inspired by you!!! I love how, as ad... read more

  7. Hashi2
      Great Performance

    Excellent miles! You did great today. Nice job!! on a workout

  8. Hashi2
      Get Better

    I'm sorry your foot is still sore. I hope it gets better soon. on a workout

  9. Nancy Z.
      Get Better

    Oh no! Be safe Cindy! Take your time to heal! I know, it's easier said tha... read more

  10. Nancy Z.
      Nice Job

    Nice work Cindy! on a workout

  11. Nancy Z.
      Post a workout!

    Cindi....where are you??? :)

  12. Ren K.
      Get Better

    Hope your knee is better on the next run! I am impressed, I don't think I cou... read more

  13. Hashi2

    Great job on your Half, Cindy. Congrats! on a workout

  14. Run With Jess
      Great Performance

    Great Run! on a workout

  15. Tommy P.

    Congrats! on a workout

  16. Nancy Z.

    I am so happy for you Cindy!! I've been looking for a post from you all day!... read more

  17. Tommy P.
      Good Luck

    Good luck! on a workout

  18. Nancy Z.
      Good Luck

    I'm so excited for you on Saturday!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! Ta... read more

  19. Hashi2
      Nice Job

    Very nice miles, Cindy. I think a 1/2 mary is an excellent idea. on a workout

  20. Simon T.
      Nice Job

    Nice TM on a workout

  21. Simon T.
      You're an Inspiration

    Well done for pushing through the problems - what committment! on a workout

  22. J-Lo
      Great Performance

    FANTASTIC! on a workout

  23. Hashi2

    Way to go, Cindy. Excellent miles.Good for you! Congrats on your 1st 5 miler. on a workout

  24. Nancy Z.
      Get Better

    Sorry Cindy! Where are your blisters? I had a couple on the front of my toe... read more