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To get back to a healthy weight and motivate my family.

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  1. VELO
    Cycle 5.69 mi 00:30 11.4mph pace

    On Cycle at 9:21 AM,, Cyclemeter will speak your comments to me.

    • Les A.
      Les A.

      Great job! I need to hit the bike and you are encouraging me!

      over 3 years ago Like

  2. VELO
    Cycle 5.4 mi 00:29 11.0mph pace, average 11.01, distance 5.40 miles, fastest 25.77.

  3. VELO
    good Stationary bike 10 mi 00:42 14.2mph pace

    After a slight hiatus due to a hysterectomy and caring for my daughter, I am happy to say I am still with my personal trainer and still cycling (indoors for now). It’s a marathon not a sprint, the... read more

  4. FIT
    good C2 Rowing Machine 3.4 mi 00:30 08:49 pace

    My main goal was to burn 300 calories with my cardio but this machine didn't tell me how many kCal I was burning so I just went for 30min at a pace I could sustain. Fitbit said it was right a... read more

    • Les A.
      Les A.

      Great job! I didn't realize the fitbit would do the rowing machine. I will have to give it a try.

      over 4 years ago Like

    • Scott J.
      Scott J.

      Excellent workout.

      over 4 years ago Like

    • Christy

      Thanks! I have a love hate relationship with my fitbit, Les.

      over 4 years ago Like1 person

    • Ray G.
      Ray G. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      I used to do the rowing machine at the fitness center at work. Loved that little guy I competed with. on the screen,

      over 4 years ago

  5. VELO
    good Stationary Recumbent Bike 4.11 mi 00:17 14.5mph pace

    Went pretty well. I set it on level 8 and just tried to maintain 90rpms throughout. I averaged about 14 mph which wasn't too terrible after an hour long workout. It'll do.

  6. FIT
    good Gotta remember to log these! 01:00

    I am not sure how long we have been working with the personal trainer but I definitely feel stronger and am loving it! Today was arm/back day plus cardio, as usual.
    Upright Row 500m warmup
    Plate P... read more

  7. FIT
    great Leg Day! 6.88 mi 00:30 04:22 pace

    Smith Squats (3x10-12reps); Leg Press (narrow grip) (55lbs/15reps, 60/15, 75/15, 80/10); leg extension (25lbs/15reps, 25/15, 30/15); Stairmaster (2x25min, moderate speed); Bike 30 min

  8. FIT
    great Cardio part two 1.7 mi 00:15:00 08:49 pace

    Second Cardio session on the off day to equal at least thirty minutes. I also did 20 minutes of Zumba until I just couldn't take it anymore. Not because it was hard but because I can't ... read more

    • Scott J.
      Scott J.

      Great job with the cardio session. I know what you mean about trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

      over 4 years ago Like

  9. VELO
    great Stationary bike Cardio Part One 4.7 mi 00:15:00 18.8mph pace

    Just trying to get the cardio in on the days between training.

  10. FIT
    great Trainer Wednesday! 5 mi 00:30 06:00 pace

    Lateral rows (4x15reps/65lbs); high rows (15reps/50lbs, 15/70, 12/90); narrow grip lat pulldown bar (15/55, 12/70, 12/70); Rear Delt Flys (8/45, 12/40, 10/40); Rope Intervals (3x 15sec, 4x15sec); E... read more

  11. FIT
    good Step aerobics 01:00

    Good Lord. Good cardio to fill in on our day off from training.

  12. FIT
    good Trainer Monday!! 01:30

    45 bench presses (45lbs); 45 close-grip upright rows with an e-z curl bar (35lbs) ; 45 tricep pushdowns with rope attachment; 45 seated cable rows; rowing machine 850m in 3:30min; we also used a me... read more

  13. FIT
    great Stationary rowing after leg d... 0.87 mi 00:06:00 06:53 pace

    We did 145 squats plus 45 kettle bell swings with 12 pound weights then we ran up and down two flights of stairs six times. After that cardio was 1.45 mile on the treadmill jogging speed and 20 min... read more

  14. FIT
    good Adventures with "The Trainer"! 01:00

    I have been working out with my trainer for about a month now and my husband and I decided we needed to pull the parent card and make my daughter do it with me. She is 17 and about 100 lbs overweig... read more

  15. VELO
    great Cardio for my day off 18 mi 01:23 13.0mph pace

    So much fun! It was basically a flat course with just a few small hills. My son and his friend came with me and we met my aunt, uncle, and cousin. I wish I lived closer to this route. It takes us a... read more

  16. FIT
    injured I used to have quads 01:00

    My legs are still recovering from Friday's torture squat session! So today we did bicep curls, chest exercises, seated tricep dumbbell exercises, shoulder exercises, rowing machine 250m in 1:0... read more

  17. FIT
    injured Trainer danger! 01:00

    Man! I got what I paid for today! We did literally 100 squats in increments of 15 reps with 30sec breaks in between sets. I was walking afterwards like a robot because I had to lock my knees to kee... read more

  18. FIT
    good Trainer day! 01:00

    My legs (and butt!) were sore from the ride the day before but no worries since we worked on back mostly. I did seated cable rows (3 sets of 15); standing bicep cable curls (3 sets of 15); leg rais... read more

  19. VELO
    great Fun ride with about 160 people! 15 mi 01:00 15.0mph pace

    What a blast! Tuesdays in Columbus, Ga they have a group ride down their river walk. There are over a hundred people that show up! You can come prepared to ride or rent bikes since they leave from ... read more

  20. FIT
    good Okay I guess I have to give u... 01:00

    I didn't do a dang thing Friday, Saturday, or Sunday due to being under the weather so I'm just chalking up this 100 days I fitness thing. I did see my trainer today we did triceps (3 set... read more