Friends (9)

  • Wilt A.

    Wilt A.

    Rochester, NY, ...have fun (), 25th () and 26th () marathons; Hood-to-Coast Relay (); Ultramarathon (); & re-qualify for the Boston Marathon (). [✔]

  • Heather R.

    Heather R.

    Mapleton, UT, I'm going to try for 2000 miles this year and surviving all the races I've signed up for.

  • Julie B.

    Julie B.

    Dothan, AL,

  • Donovan B.

    Donovan B.

    Woodbridge, VA, Mile Time: 4:15, PR= 4:32 5k Time: 16:00, PR= 17:17 10k Time: 34:30, PR= 37:32 Raced Once Weight: 140, 60 more pounds to lose Body Composition: 5% Body Fat

  • Andrew P.

    Andrew P.

    Joplin, MO, To run and have fun and constantly improve. I like to run a marathon and half marathon each year.

  • Jim D.

    Jim D.

    Newberg, OR, I'd like to run an Ultra. I want to test my limits and push past them. There are a lot of hurdles between here and there though. One step at a time.

  • Robin S.

    Robin S.

    Wales, United Kingdom, GB, 2015: Avoid Emergency Rooms at all costs.

  • Jay A.

    Jay A.

    La Guardia, BO, Who freaking knows? Anytime I set a goal, something gets in it's way. Santa Cruz to Cotoca?

  • Irv E.

    Irv E.

    Steamboat Springs, CO, As always, enjoy the run.