Friends (48)

  • Steve R J.

    Steve R J.

    Suffolk, VA, I have completed multiple full and half marathons, triathlons, century rides and even an ultra marathon. Trying to stay healthy and have fun with my friends!

  • Gator Mike

    Gator Mike

    Virginia Beach, VA, Keep the weight off. PRs: Marathon - 2:57:44 1/2 Marathon - 1:23:39 5K - 18:37

  • Jeff B.

    Jeff B.

    Chesapeake, VA, "A goal is a dream with a deadline." Napoleon Hill

  • Francisco R.

    Francisco R.

    Jacksonville, FL, Run a Full Marathon is all that's left on my bucket list... besides winning the CrossFit games! ;-)

  • Michael L.

    Michael L.

    Newport News, VA, Get back to 70 mile weeks. 17:15 5k this fall, 36:15 10k, sub 1:18 half. Sub 3:50 at Seashore 50k in December, Sub 2:50 marathon.

  • Andrew H.

    Andrew H.

    US, 2:50 marathon, sub 1:19 half, more masters wins

  • Michele C.

    Michele C.

    Chesapeake, VA,

  • Carla A.

    Carla A.

    Baltimore, MD, My goal is to finish a half this year (done!)

  • Corey M.

    Corey M.

    London, GB, Run 700 Miles in 2014 PR - 5K - 24:00 PR - 10K - 52:00 - DONE Run in a Relay Race - DONE Run a race that SCARES me - DONE

  • Marie


    Chesapeake, VA, run far, run fast, run often, run HAPPY!

  • Cindy C.

    Cindy C.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Have a half time of 2:20 or better. Stay injury free!!

  • Kelly H.

    Kelly H.

    Chesapeake, VA, To run more miles then this year.

  • Ctcfit T.

    Ctcfit T.

    Virginia Beach, VA, NASM Personal Trainer, Fitness Guru, Runner, Triathlete, Sports Nut and Just Anything fitness! Lost 130 pounds and still riding the train 8 years later

  • Dave


    Chesapeake, VA, Got my BQ, now it's on to a sub-3 marathon, targeting Richmond in November. :)

  • Brandon C.

    Brandon C.

    Virginia Beach, VA,

  • Raymond C.

    Raymond C.

    Virginia Beach, VA, 1:59 half marathon 4:30 marathon resume sprint triathlons

  • John R.

    John R.

    Chesapeake, VA,

  • Benjamin
  • Lisa L.
  • Pat


    , Run a 5K with no walking

  • Raphael A.

    Raphael A.

    Baltimore, MD, 2012-PRs on 5K (✓) (25:46), 10K, 21K (✓) (1:59:34), 42K (✓) (5:20) - Finish - a full marathon sub 5 hr, a sub 2 hr half (✓), an int'l run (✓) and my 1st tri

  • Jamey D.

    Jamey D.

    currituck, NC, Half marathon and tough mudder completion

  • Sam P.

    Sam P.


  • John G.

    John G.

    Virginia Beach, VA,

  • Ashleigh W.

    Ashleigh W.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Sub 2:30 for my next half marathon!