Christina Hebert i must vent , and i k...

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I must vent , and I know only my DM'ers will understand. As some of you know this past weekend I bought a triathlon bike while I was in San Diego. Since they didnt have any of the bikes that I was purchasing already built up they fitted me on a bike that was already sold. I was told that their master builder would be in on Monday and he would build up and fit the bike and it would be sent out.
It is now Friday , I decided to call the bike shop and see if I could get a tracking number for my bike. I was then informed that they didnt even have the size of the bike I purchased in the back . They had to order more from Kestrel ( bike company) and they would be there a week from today. It gets worse , I was then informed since I bought a 2009 bike , that these bikes being shipped from Kestrel will be the 2010 bike , cool right? Um no. These 2010 bikes are all Shimano 105 components , when the bike I "purchased" has all Ultegra DUra Ace components !! ( For non cyclists : I paid for a fully loaded vehicle and now they are giving me a car without leather interior and the sunroof)
All I could say to the guy on the phone was " (long pause) Well that just SUCKS" , I felt very unprofessional saying " SUCKS" but thats all that could come out of my mouth. Someone WAS supposed to call me at the beginning of the week to inform me , but I have to find out like this......"goos-fra-ba".
I am now waiting to be called back by someone after they have talked to the owner to "see what they can do" ...
Who you be upset too?

  • Ally S.

    What they can do is take that bike back, cancel the order . They clearly didnt sell you what they were supposed to. That is pure fraud.....dont settle for it. Get the payment stopped if you made full payment on it, that is pure bogus and I would never go back there ever again

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  • Anne R.
    Anne R.

    I agree, stop payment and cancel the order.

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  • Kristen

    I'm so sorry! I can relate in other purchase experiences.

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  • Kelsey D.
    Kelsey D.

    Not acceptable! You pay good money for your "luxury vehicle" and leather seats and a sunroof doesn't make up for manual windows...if you get my analogy too :)
    You deserve to place your hard earned money on exactly what you need....your triatholon day will thank you!

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  • Mcm Mama
    Mcm Mama

    I agree with the others. They aren't giving you what you ordered. They should have contacted you immediately and offered you the chance to cancel the order. Definitely stop payment and if they give you any grief about it, I'd consider reporting them to the BBB.

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  • Jb C.
    Jb C.

    You should get what you paid for. You have all the right to be upset. What a damn fiasco?! Did you already pay for it? You should take the 2010 model with integra dura ace (that's what I have btw -- I thought I throw that in there :-) ) On top of that, they whould throw in a free turbo trainer. Wankers!

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  • Christina H.
    Christina H.

    @JB C : HELL YEAH! It is already paid for , so Im hoping they hook it up. To get what I paid for they would have to give me that is the 2010 equivalent to what I paid for. A turbo trainer would be AWESOME !

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  • Barb S.
    Barb S.

    Poor customer service. Stick up for yourself! Sometimes businesses try stuff like this especially with women. Pisses me off!

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  • Melanie G.
    Melanie G.

    That totally SUCKS!!! And I agree with all the other comments too!!!

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  • Rachel

    Totally agree with everyone else. Don't put up with something you don't really want and didn't ask for. It's not acceptable for a business to do this.. whether it's a car or a bike.. or even a washing machine!

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