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  1. RUN
    good Long's Park 3.26 mi 00:30 09:02 pace

    My little man slept until 7 so I had to cut this mornings run short. I was supposed to do 6 but this was all I had time for. Pretty happy with this easy pace with the stroller. Since we got out the... read more

    • Heather M.
      Heather M.

      Oh, the back to school traffic - we see so much of it going to GJHS. Nice stroller run - I'm super impressed with how much training you're getting in when you have a full-time job and a toddler!

      about 18 hours ago Like1 person

    • Cheryl S.
      Cheryl S.

      Thanks Heather! It sure is a balancing act :/

      about 15 hours ago Like

  2. RUN
    great Fasted stroller run 4.02 mi 00:37 09:17 pace

    Nice & cool this morning! We saw lots of dogs so Darien had a great time too!!

  3. RUN
    great Long run w/race pace miles 11.06 mi 01:36 08:42 pace

    Another great run with Kate! 2 mile warm up then 4x1 at "goal" half marathon pace. Goal pace was 7:30. Splits were 7:11, 7:15, 7:24, 7:21. I felt like I was holding back to try to hit 7:3... read more

  4. RUN
    blah Progressive fail 5.18 mi 00:43 08:19 pace

    Was supposed to do 8 with 5 progressive miles but the heat killed me today! I had a big test for work this morning and didn't sleep well last night so that could be a factor too. Good news is ... read more

  5. RUN
    good Easy miles + strides 5.01 mi 00:43 08:38 pace

    Ran after work. I have a lot of extra things going on this week so I am having a hard time seeing when/where I can get my runs in this week- this one was supposed to be 6 :(

  6. RUN
    good Run in the hills! 7.1 mi 01:09 09:38 pace

    We were camping at about 9500 feet so I got some elevation training in. I felt pretty good but definitely noticed myself breathing harder. It was so peaceful up there :)

    • Kate A.
      Kate A.

      Fun! Where did you go camping at?

      8 days ago Like1 person

    • Cheryl S.
      Cheryl S.

      We were somewhere near muddy creek. West Muddy? It was near Somerset where my husband grew up and it was beautiful :)

      7 days ago Like

  7. RUN
    good Monument Downhill 5k 3.1 mi 00:20 06:31 pace

    Well it was not the race I had hoped to run but still a solid showing! I was 1st in my age group and 3rd overall. There was a cash prize for 1st overall that I got to claim because the 1st and 2nd ... read more

    • Kate A.
      Kate A.

      Okay, I know you're more competitive than me, but 20:14, is so AMAZING in my book! I can't even fathom a 6:31 pace for 1 mile, let alone 3.1!! Seriously, congrats!

      8 days ago Like1 person

    • Cheryl S.
      Cheryl S.

      Thanks Kate!! I still want a do over. Also, this race was not as competitive as it has been in the past. Not sure what that is about but it would have helped to have a few more ladies close to my pace.

      7 days ago Like

  8. RUN
    great Shakeout 2.04 mi 00:18 08:38 pace

    Shakeout before tomorrow's race 😁

  9. RUN
    good Moderate pace 3.77 mi 00:30 07:58 pace

    Well these were supposed to be moderate pace miles but I think I pushed a little harder than moderate. It felt good though :)

  10. RUN
    great Intervals 7 mi 01:01 08:46 pace

    2 mile warm up then 800/mile/800 hard, 800 recovery in between and cool down to 7 miles. Goal was 3:15/7:00/3:15, actual was 3:00/6:35/3:06. VERY happy about this. A nice confidence booster for Sat... read more

  11. RUN
    great Stroller run + strides 3.03 mi 00:25 08:18 pace

    Finally pumped up the tires and it made a HUGE difference. I let Darien get out and run strides with me so I'm not sure it was the best set of strides but it was sure cute watching him run wit... read more

  12. RUN
    good Easy miles in the heat of the... 6.03 mi 00:54 08:59 pace

    My legs felt surprisingly good after yesterday's long run happy to get 40 miles in this week :)

  13. RUN
    good Long slow distance 15 mi 02:25 09:40 pace

    Started at a very conservative pace and tried to run the second half faster. I think I did but it was all pretty slow. This was my longest run probably since my marathon in 2012(?).

    • Kate A.
      Kate A.

      Nice long run Cheryl!!!

      16 days ago Like1 person

    • Cheryl S.
      Cheryl S.

      Thanks Kate! I could have used your strength to get me through but I made it!! How are you feeling? Do you think you'll do the 5k Saturday?

      16 days ago Like1 person

    • Kate A.
      Kate A.

      No - I decided to join my friend for a camping trip over in Buena Vista and we're going to hike a 14er! I am VERY sore, so it's probably the best thing - even if I am feeling better by then! Are you doing it? Can't wait to hear how it goes if so!

      15 days ago Like1 person

    • Cheryl S.
      Cheryl S.

      That'll be fun! Yes, I'm planning to do it then we are heading up for our own camping trip. Enjoy your recovery week & let's run soon!

      15 days ago Like1 person

  14. RUN
    great Striders run/picnic 3.51 mi 00:37 10:33 pace

    It was awesome to get on the trails after so long! Just kept it easy since I ran this morning but loved every minute of it :)

  15. RUN
    good Fasted stroller run 4.26 mi 00:41 09:35 pace

    Nice and cool this morning. I REALLY need to get my stroller tires pumped up.... I think it makes it harder when they aren't full.

    • Kate A.
      Kate A.

      I can imagine - I've ridden a bike with flat tires and that's tough! Haha. Great run this morning!

      20 days ago Like1 person

    • Cheryl S.
      Cheryl S.

      My husband just reminded me that we DO have a bike pump! I've been needing to pump it up for at least a month. I will attempt it tonight.

      20 days ago Like1 person

    • Heather M.
      Heather M.

      Nice run. The weather has been so perfect this week!

      20 days ago Like

  16. RUN
    good Mile repeats! 7 mi 01:00 08:37 pace

    Warm up then 3x1 mile. Goal pace was 7mm actual was 6:56, 7:04, 7:09. Of course I always wish I were faster but I'm happy with this. I ran at 4:15pm so heat did play a factor in my pace.

  17. RUN
    good Easy pace + strides 6.12 mi 00:53 08:36 pace

    Nice and cool solo run this morning. Did my strides in the middle of my run instead of at the end. They felt great! I get sick of doing them on my street so this was a nice change-up :)

  18. RUN
    good Stroller run record! 8.14 mi 01:20 09:48 pace

    Didn't want to bother with getting someone to watch the boy so we just headed out together for some "easy" miles. I think extra credit should be earned when pushing a stroller!

  19. RUN
    good Long run/intervals 10.57 mi 01:36 09:02 pace

    Ran 1.5 to my moms with the boy to drop him off then 4x1 mile- goal was 7:30, actual was 7:01, 7:16, 7:56, 7:51. I guess I ran the first few too fast. My calves got real tight on the 2nd 2. Ran a s... read more