Friends (6)

  • Bari F.

    Bari F.

    Grand Rapids, MI, In 2014 I vow to race less and with fewer injuries. Going to set 2 lofty goals only: 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours and full marathon in under 5 hours.

  • Ashlee L.

    Ashlee L.

    New York, NY, NYC Marathon and marathon PR!

  • Toni C.

    Toni C.

    Wantagh, NY,

  • Stephen V.

    Stephen V.

    Birmingham, AL, Weight Loss

  • Laura B.

    Laura B.

    Keller, TX, To overcome a strained tendon in my hip and run a 10K in 2012.

  • Scott M.

    Scott M.

    New York, NY, To get back to enjoying my running, not training and logging miles but just running.