Friends (44)

  • Jeffrey W.

    Jeffrey W.

    Washington, DC, Rock 'n Roll Marathon San Diego

  • Marc S.

    Marc S.

    Epping, NH, Just running for fun. Blog: Twitter: @MynameisMarc

  • Rick


    St Louis, MO, To beat BoDog...

  • Runjessrun


    , I want to be able to run a 1/2 marathon by this spring. (DONE) -UPDATED: want to get back into shape but adding weights to my workout

  • Mike F.

    Mike F.

    Mandayulong, PH, To run for a full marathon after my achilles tendon is fully recovered.

  • Israel R.

    Israel R.

    Bronx, NY, 1: Bring my pace down under 8 for a 13 mile run.

  • Coachprs


    Fort Collins, CO, I coach runners and triathletes. This year I will be doing a full IM

  • Claire O.

    Claire O.

    Mansfield, GB, To do a half Marathon without do a under 50 mins 10k

  • Marvin C.

    Marvin C.

    Weston, FL, 21k-1:30 (2/26 ran 1:40); 10k-39 min (2/5 ran 41:34); 5k-19 min (7/12 ran 20:04); beat best Army 2 mile time of 13:05 (DONE), BQ & ultra (DONE) barefoot

  • Tyler M.

    Tyler M.

    Austin, TX, PRs: 800m (track): 2:30 1600m (track): 5:51 2 mile (road): 12:37 5,000m (road): 19:10 10,000m (road): 38:47 10 Mile: 1:04:32

  • Diane D.

    Diane D.

    Highlands Ranch, CO, Be Healthy, Train Smart, Have Fun

  • Dominic M.

    Dominic M.

    Orange, CA, Iron Man, BQ sub 3:10, many more 26.2 adventures, daily running!

  • Mauricio S.

    Mauricio S.

    Hendersonville, TN, Still working on new challenge post Ironman

  • Lampros Runner

    Lampros Runner

    Greece, GR,

  • Chris D.

    Chris D.

    Dallas, TX, Crossfit ,Triathlons, Cycling, Running....Pretty much anything fitness related I'm game for. #TheJourneyTV

  • Mark G.

    Mark G.

    San Diego, CA, Lake Hodges 50K

  • Konstantinos I.

    Konstantinos I.

    Stirling, GB, To reach the stars if not i will enjoy the view :)

  • Andre


    St Louis, MO,

  • Nicolas


    San Diego, CA, Finding new training partners and routes in the area

  • Jason St C.

    Jason St C.

    South Lake Tahoe, CA, 100 miles this week

  • Randy D.

    Randy D.

    Manassas, VA, Do a handstand -- Train for my first 100 miler -- Get outside my comfort zone

  • Bex L.

    Bex L.

    San Diego, CA, To kick ass and take names... to complete an ultra marathon (Oriflamme) in March 2012 and an Ironman by 2018...and to take control of my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • Greg B.

    Greg B.

    Columbus, OH, Enjoy the journey...

  • Abel


    Alvarado, TX, Keep running!!! And to better my marathon time which was 3hrs 57 mins!!!

  • Tyler T.

    Tyler T.

    Salt Lake City, UT, Finish faster in the Bear Lake Triathlon than I did last year. Running is the key.