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New goals as of Dec. 1, 2012: Sub-4:00 marathon, sub-1:40 half-marathon, a sub-45:00 10K and a sub-20:00 5K.

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  1. As promised, my race report from Marathon Bahamas:

  2. RUN
    good Marathon Bahamas 26.2 mi 04:09 09:29 pace

    I'll do an actual race report soon. Quick summary: I was on track to hit my sub-4:00 goal but the heat conspired with the sun, lack of shade and lack of breeze to pretty much drain me of all ... read more

    • Jay S.
      Jay S.

      Excellent stuff Caitlin. Looking forward to the race report.

      over 5 years ago Like

    • Steve P.
      Steve P.

      awesome run and pace Caitlin!!

      over 5 years ago Like

    • Ted

      excellent marathon!! Congrats!

      over 5 years ago Like

  3. RUN
    great dreadmill after work 5 mi 00:45 08:54 pace

    I needed to get a run in but I had to work early and didn't have a lunch break, so post-work dreadmill session it is. It was fine, if a little bit boring. "The King of Queens" was o... read more

  4. FIT
    great chest and shoulders 00:30

    Push-ups: made it to 32 before I collapsed on my face
    Incline push-ups: 3 x 12
    Cable flyes: 3 x 10 @ 15 lbs
    Lateral raise: 3 x 10 @ 6 lbs (per hand)
    Front raise: 3 x 10 @ 10 lb plate
    Overhead press... read more

  5. RUN
    good treadmill during my lunch break 4 mi 00:35 08:45 pace

    I warmed up for a mile, then did twenty minutes of intervals. I did not allow myself to go as fast as I'd normally like to go because my IT band kept tweaking during the speed part and the la... read more

  6. RUN
    great long run - tapering before ma... 13.02 mi 02:04 09:30 pace

    B and I had to kind of drag each other out the door this morning because we were both fighting a case of the blahs. I was dealing with an extra demotivator in the form of my quads, which were stil... read more

  7. FIT
    great back 00:30

    Inverted rows: 3 x 5 @ bodyweight
    Assisted pullups: 3 x 8 @ 110 lbs offset
    Lat pulldowns: 3 x 10 @ 60 lbs
    Seated row: 3 x 8 @ 60 lbs
    Overhead press: 3 x 8 @ 45 lbs

  8. #dailymission Finishing both of my marathons. Each time when I saw that 26-mile sign, I burst into tears. I'm not even that big of a crier, yet there is something about finishing a marathon t... read more

  9. FIT
    great legs 00:30

    I'm going light on the weights because the last thing I need to do is hurt myself less than three weeks out from a marathon.

    Straight-leg deadlifts: 3 x 10 @ 45 lbs
    Deadlifts: 3 x 10 @ 65 lbs... read more

  10. RUN
    great Pinellas Trail + Taylor Park 6.73 mi 01:03 09:21 pace

    I feel like I've said this fifteen times already BUT I LOVE LIVING NEAR THE PINELLAS TRAIL. It was so rad to be able to run out my door and be right on this great recreational trail. I even r... read more

  11. RUN
    great Lake Walsingham Park 5 mi 00:47 09:24 pace

    Best way to start the new year ever! I was feeling a bit tired and lazy, plus my legs were still sore from the 17-miler on Sunday, but I got out the door and I'm glad I did. The trail around... read more

  12. RUN
    great Parks + Pinellas Trail, Largo... 17 mi 03:01 10:38 pace

    I have to confess, when I first started this run, my heart was really not in it. I had worked until midnight the night before, today is my first day off in six days, I moved last weekend, my traini... read more

    • Anna

      Running slower is good for you, and it may help to know that you can easily run three hours, since the marathon is all about endurance. So going up to the marathon length run (maybe just another 45 minutes of running for you at your usual faster pace) is totally doable! You can do it.

      almost 6 years ago Like

  13. RUN
    great Walsingham Park, Largo 4.37 mi 00:40 09:10 pace

    First run after moving. It'd been about a week so my legs were tight, and it took about two miles to feel okay again. The run was absolutely beautiful though. We left the headphones home and... read more

    • Steve P.
      Steve P.

      nice 4.37 miler Caitlin!!

      almost 6 years ago Like

    • Maggie W.

      Oh man that would freak me out too!!! I avoid wooded areas in the dark. Which is why I hate camping.

      almost 6 years ago Like

  14. RUN
    alright around the neighborhood x 2 7.45 mi 01:10 09:23 pace

    My legs were like "ENOUGH!" Every time I started running a bit faster, I felt a jabbing sensation in my outer knee area, so I slowed my run down - even though it meant I took way longer ... read more

  15. RUN
    good easy run around the neighborhood 5.75 mi 00:51 08:52 pace

    This run merits a "good" instead of "great" because my legs just weren't feeling it. (A run only rates less than "good" when I do something like get hurt or puke... read more

  16. RUN
    good longish run 10.16 mi 01:35 09:22 pace

    Whelp. This is a run that would have been better had I done it earlier in the day. Alas, I have other things I had to do this morning in anticipation of my upcoming move, so the run got pushed ba... read more

  17. RUN
    great Say No to Drugs 10K, Clearwat... 6.25 mi 00:46 07:24 pace

    I PRed in today's race by about 13 seconds, which was very exciting. My second PR in three weeks! I felt strong for the first four miles, which I ran in about 29:45, but then we hit the fift... read more

    • Jay S.
      Jay S.

      Caitlin, doing a little math here. If the 10k was actually 6.25 miles instead of 6.2 miles, you ran an extra 260 feet. That's 40 feet short of a football field would take you maybe 10 secs. I don't know what your exact time was, but if you subtract about ten seconds from your time, you might have already got to 45 "something." Help me with my math if I'm wrong.

      almost 6 years ago Like

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    • Caitlin C.
      Caitlin C.

      Ah, but the hills just make you stronger! Plus you get to run down them when you are done. :)

      almost 6 years ago Like

    • Marc C.
      Marc C.

      Well done Caitlin...this is awesome progress.

      almost 6 years ago Like

  18. RUN
    great Midweek long-ish run 7.02 mi 00:59 08:23 pace

    Went for a run after work. It was pretty rad. I do have to say that I regretted eating my second cupcake of the day - about an hour before the run started - when I hit my third mile and started fee... read more