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C J logged 6420 miles.

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  1. hi guys! Been out of the loop for a while. about 3 weeks ago, just when I was getting myself back together again, post 1/2 IM, a long time girlfriend, age 43, committed suicide. I had no idea she... read more

    • Cancelx

      Thanks for the update! So sorry to hear about your dear girlfriend. Life has so many ups & downs - sometimes it's hard to adjust to. Glad to hear you're still able to work out & luving it! I understand checking in then out - times are tough - Take care :)

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    • Shane S.
      Shane S.

      CJ- So sorry to hear about your friend. I have been wondering where you have been. I think most of us feel that way after a big race that we train for so hard and so long for. I agree give yourself a break and do what you love. All the exercise in the world isn't worth it if you don't enjoy it. Try many different things, enjoy biking with your kids. Let me know if you need anything.
      I have also enjoyed getting to know Renee.

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    • Tim L.
      Tim L.

      CJ - Come back & let us know how you are doing. Very sorry to hear about your girlfriend. Hope you are healthy and well.

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  2. RUN
    good TM 3.52 mi 00:29 08:22 pace

    ran this before, between sets, and after circuit Good to be running again but my groin is still an issue. I've been working with a DR for the last 4 weeks. it is getting better.

    • Candace S.
      Candace S.

      Groin takes a while to heal - I was a soccer player do I know that pain :(

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    • Diane S.
      Diane S. Get Better
      Get Better:

      Sorry CJ....nice run!

      over 5 years ago

    • Mark N.
      Mark N. Get Better
      Get Better:

      Glad it's getting better.

      over 5 years ago

  3. VELO
    great Suwanee Creek Shop Ride 19.97 mi 01:00 19.9mph pace

    She's BACK!!!!!!

  4. RUN
    great Suwanee Creek Shop Ride 21.27 mi 01:14 03:28 pace

    Just me a Karon

  5. I'm finally getting some answers about what happened to me during the 1/2 ironman. It is called "runner's colitis". It is most always seen only in women. They think it happen... read more

    • Jasmine Reese I.
      Jasmine Reese I.

      Oh no, I'm sorry! Please let us know what your doctor says about keeping cool. Take it slow.

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    • Scott C.
      Scott C.

      Arleen and Georgette's suggestions are great ones! Heat is a huge problem for me, so on hot days I usually carry a water bottle and squirt water on my head every few far as the negativity goes, ignore it! Use what happened as a learning experience and find ways to make it never happen again. It means you'll have overcome an obstacle and grown as an endurance athlete and person in ways that the people throwing negativity your way will never understand.

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    • Mark N.
      Mark N.

      You and a few others on dailymile inspire me when I'm questioning my sanity. Not everybody appreciates intensity. Your hard work is obviously having a profoundly positive impact on those kids of yours. Keep up the good work. Get better. I guarantee there's somebody else on here having a similar problem, and your solution will shorten the path to their solution.

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  6. walk
    tired TM 2.06 mi 00:27 13:06 pace

    tried walking on the treadmill. Legs and groin said HELL NO!!! guess a swim was a stupid idea too....I'll rest a little longer. UG!

  7. Shared Photo

    My children, Isabella, 13, and Harrison, 12, in their first triathlon of the season. Isabella placed 2nd and Harrison in 1st both in the 17 and under age category. We are so proud of them both!

  8. 1/2 ironman results. 6:51:08. I finished it! The swim wasn't horrible. The bike was painful with the injured groin. The run was from hell. It was 82 degrees on the run course. At mile 11 I fi... read more

    • Tricky T.
      Tricky T.

      Been waiting for this post. You did it!! Whooooo hoooo! That convulsion stuff sounds scary. Glad you're ok & I hope the recovery's not too bad. Man, I can't believe you just did a 70.3! New hero!

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    • C J N.
      C J N.

      the race was in Ocala was warm for there as well. I also found out yesterday that the humidity was 100%...I'm not sure what else I could have done to train for this race unless I put my treadmill in a sauna....LOL. Well it's done now. Now to find a 1/2 IM course to take my revenge out on. OMG! of course on the run I was thinking.....I'm NEVER doing this again. and so it begins.

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    • Krissi R.
      Krissi R.

      So glad you are okay - congrats on your 70.3!!

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  9. 2 days until my 1/2 IM .....well the groin strain is ever present. Can't believe it! I'm in shock. I guess we never see those injuries coming. I've been training 4 months for this... read more

    • Chris

      Run your race, but be careful. You don't want to make your groin strain worse.

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    • Cancelx

      You don't have to speed-race it if you don't want. Just plow thru & get it accomplished if your injury impedes you.

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    • Tricky T.
      Tricky T.

      CJ!! I can't believe it's go time for you! There aren't many of us who could or ever will do a HIM, so just know we are impressed already! sorry to hear about the groin strain:/ Praying for fast healing for you!

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  10. VELO
    great outlaw ride 32.22 mi 01:37 19.8mph pace

    oh what fun it is to ride my bike!! Lot's of fast guys on the ride today and me & Anna:) Had to work a little harder in a few sections that I wanted to but it was well worth it to fly! ... read more

  11. RUN
    great short long run 7.19 mi 01:13 10:05 pace

    last long run before "the race" I just kept it light and easy. Was testing out the groin strain and the new tri suit. The tri suit seems to be a keeper the strain is still there. Ice,... read more

  12. Shared Photo

    Look what my hubby got me! WOO HOO!!!! bye bye mini van hello Jeep! Love him!

  13. VELO
    good Long solo ride 51.6 mi 02:56 17.6mph pace

    do you know how to ride fast in the wind? don't! LOL 13-18 MPH winds. BUT it was a BEAUTIFUL day! If you're going to have wind at least let it be sunny! And it was!! So pre... read more

    • Gail N.
      Gail N.

      Excellent ride, C J! I'm glad it was so pretty out, even if the wind was not cooperating.

      over 5 years ago Like1 person

    • Diane S.
      Diane S. Great Performance
      Great Performance:

      NIce ride CJ!

      over 5 years ago