5728 total / 668 in 2015

Enabling running fun in myself and in others and saying things like ~ Awesome Sauce(TM) aka Osum Sauce(TM) Go Juice(TM) & Magic Smoothie(TM)

Friends (123)

  • Amber H

    Amber H

    Kansas City, MO, Run happy and healthy. PRs are nice, too.

  • Alison B.

    Alison B.

    Olathe, KS, KC Marathon 2015 Heartland 39.3 - Complete!

  • Liz T.

    Liz T.

    , Increase my speed, enjoy my runs and stay injury free!

  • Denise


    Baldwin City, KS, The KC Marathon 2010- completed! Olathe Marathon 2011- Completed! Little Rock Marathon 2012 -

  • Justin K.

    Justin K.

    Olathe, Ks.,

  • James R.

    James R.

    Rock Hill, SC, 2014 Running Goals Sub 3:30 Marathon

  • Rob G.

    Rob G.

    Byron Center, MI, Get in shape and stay there.

  • Doug D.

    Doug D.

    Omaha, NE, A 50-miler in 2015. 2000 miles in 2015. Fifteen (or more) 15-mile (or longer) events in 2015.

  • Elisa S.

    Elisa S.

    Olathe, KS, To run with friends, to run run for time, to run for the love of it...most of all, to just keep running and be thankful for every step!

  • Denise B.

    Denise B.

    Olathe, KS, No more injuries, please

  • Josh B.

    Josh B.

    Olathe, KS,

  • Stacey K.

    Stacey K.

    Kansas City, MO, Made 1st Sub 30min 5K 12/2013, Now for sub 60 10K and 2:15 (or less) 1/2 Mary... can I do it? YES, I can!

  • Anne


    Olathe, KS, Run NYC 2014, Run Boston 2015, Qualify for Boston 2016. World Marathon Majors--Berlin 2016, London 20??, Japan????

  • James W.
  • Chris L.

    Chris L.

    Olathe, KS, Increase mileage and stay healthy until at least 4/21/2015.

  • Angie M.

    Angie M.

    Overland Park, KS, Long term goal: 3:10 marathon ST goals: 3:19 marathon, Sub 20 min 5K

  • Shauna L.

    Shauna L.

    Olathe, KS, Re-Build! Bigger, Faster, Stronger.

  • Indika M.

    Indika M.

    Overland Park, KS, Stay Injury Free!! Stronger and Faster!! Enjoy the Journey!!!

  • Lindsey B.

    Lindsey B.

    Olathe, KS, Twin Cities in October...hopefully a BQ!!!!!

  • Gary S.

    Gary S.

    Olathe, KS, Survival To get Beth G. Karen K. through their first Marathon , hopefully Wichita October 2014. Plus get Anne S Chris L and Shauna L their PRs in same race

  • Julie M.

    Julie M.

    Olathe, KS, 2015: Run my first marathon, a couple of half marathons, 5k and 10k races, a sprint tri and my first half ironman!

  • Jay R.

    Jay R.

    Overland Park, KS, 2014 Des Moines Marathon

  • Brent A.

    Brent A.

    Oak Grove, MO,

  • Jamie J.
  • Laura D.

    Laura D.

    Olathe, KS, To run strong without injuries in 2015. Carmal IN marathon in April!