8195 total / 920 in 2015

Heal up, run well, and a few PR's this year. PRs: 5k-19:12 (May 2014) 10k-48:22 (Nov. 2011-Outdated) Half-1:31:27 (Oct. 2013) Full-3:24:15 (Sept. 2013)

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  • 8 miles
  • 01:06 time
  • 1027 calories
  • 1 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    great ZTZ 8.01 mi 01:06 08:13 pace

    Easy early morning run to ZTZ. Splits: 8:41.0/8:04.1/8:12.0/8:14.9/8:15.1/8:12.3/8:06.9/7:58.4

  2. RUN
    great Dehydration Run 15.01 mi 02:00 07:59 pace

    Fairly certain I was dehydrating towards the end of this run, I developed a headache out of nowhere. On another note, I picked up a random runner about a mile in, he hung with me and we chatted for... read more

  3. RUN
    great All over the place 8.01 mi 01:03 07:50 pace

    Consistently inconsistent splits, they were all over the place. Splits: 8:02.2/7:27.9/7:56.9/7:49.7/7:57.5/8:01.0/7:51.7/7:39.5

  4. RUN
    great Moderate Aerobic 8.04 mi 01:01 07:35 pace

    From Thursday. 8:05.1/7:31.4/7:36.3/7:30.9/7:32.8/7:34.4/7:32.3/7:23.4

  5. RUN
    great Finally ZTZ 8.27 mi 01:06 07:56 pace

    Long day at work yesterday caused me to be too tired to run, so I finally got to ZTZ today. Decided it's time to up the normal easy run to an 8, and threw in an extra quarter'ish just bec... read more

  6. RUN
    great Soggy 15.02 mi 02:03 08:11 pace

    Great run soggy run on the O trail with the Rancidgoat. Neither of us has a distance goal, I said, how about 13-15, he said sounds good. Lots of flooding on the trail, shoes were soaked. The highli... read more

  7. RUN
    great Half Naked 8.1 mi 01:04 07:54 pace

    Got 4 miles into this and my Garmin says "Low Battery" and dies about 60 seconds later, so distance and time is a rough guess based on maps and checking the time when I got back to the of... read more

  8. RUN
    Drained 7.01 mi 00:55 07:51 pace

    Absolutely drained today, but somehow made this run a little progressive. Splits: 8:13.7/8:02.8/7:58.2/7:51.9/7:42.0/7:38.2/7:37.3

  9. RUN
    great ZTZ back in G Town 7 mi 00:54 07:41 pace

    The humidity was all kinds of disgusting. Splits: 8:01.9/7:54.1/7:42.3/7:33.2/7:28.3/7:30.2/7:39.6

  10. RUN
    great The 614 on 6/14 14.14 mi 02:00 08:28 pace

    You gotta run the 614 on 6/14, so that's exactly what Rancidgoat, Joe Toe, and I did this morning for another great long run. It was 72 degrees with 99% humidity when we started, and 80 degree... read more

  11. RUN
    good Ready for a day of Rest 7.01 mi 00:57 08:05 pace

    Giving this one a 2 on the effort scale as my legs seemed to be really drained this morning. Fortunately, tomorrow is my scheduled rest day, yeah me! Splits: 8:12.8/8:12.9/8:02.9/8:08.9/8:03.6/8:05... read more

  12. RUN
    alright Tired ZTZ 7.26 mi 00:58 07:58 pace

    Legs were feeling it today, probably from the 14 I did yesterday. Splits: 8:26.6/8:13.3/8:10.6/8:02.9/7:46.2/7:36.2/7:40.9/0.26 @ 1:57.6 (7:42)

  13. RUN
    good All over the place 14.01 mi 01:52 07:59 pace

    Legs protested a bit during the last 4 miles, had to enter serious negations to pull off the last mile...lies may have been involved. Splits: 8:06.6/7:57.1/8:01.5/7:59.5/7:56.4/7:49.9/7:58.0/8:03.1... read more

  14. RUN
    alright Drained 7.25 mi 00:57 07:47 pace

    Legs felt trained, perhaps if I could get them to cooperate and slow down a bit it would have been on the easy side. Splits: 8:08.3/7:53.5/7:45.2/7:44.9/7:42.9/7:37.6/7:43.3/0.25 @ 1:55.8 (7:36)

  15. RUN
    alright Feeling It 7.25 mi 00:55 07:37 pace

    Did the best I could do, should have gone easy, but I pushed it a bit. Splits: 7:59.0/7:47.9/7:44.3/7:42.0/7:22.3/7:21.6/7:25.0/0.25 @ 1:53.4 (7:34)

  16. RUN
    good Missed Tempo 7.01 mi 00:53 07:30 pace

    I wanted to do a tempo today, however, as I set out I knew the fatigue in my legs was not going to let the tempo happen. I noticed after mile 4 that my pace was quickening, so I decided to press it... read more

  17. RUN
    great ZTZ 7.01 mi 00:53 07:34 pace

    Missed my normal Monday zero zapper thanks to being worn out from work, so I finally made it happen today. The day of rest put a little pep in my stride and turned this easy into a sort-of progress... read more

  18. RUN
    good Swampy 66 7.01 mi 00:56 08:03 pace

    Really swampy humid out there, legs were tired from yesterday's 14 and protested the entire run. Splits: 8:27.6/8:15.6/8:10.2/7:53.7/7:49.7/7:54.9/7:49.9

  19. RUN
    great That Columbus Route 14.26 mi 01:58 08:16 pace

    Great run on the new downtown route with the Rancidgoat and Joe Toe. Warmer temperatures than expected, decent amount of runners, and we happened upon 2 races downtown. We didn't solve any of ... read more

  20. RUN
    great Moderate Aerobic? 7.01 mi 00:54 07:42 pace

    Another easy run that turned into moderate aerobic. And in the conditions, humid 72 degrees, I'm not going to say it was challenging, but it wasn't the easy I was going for, but I enjoyed... read more