7484 total / 209 in 2015

Heal up, run well, and a few PR's this year. PRs: 5k-19:12 (May 2014) 10k-48:22 (Nov. 2011-Outdated) Half-1:31:27 (Oct. 2013) Full-3:24:15 (Sept. 2013)

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  • 12 miles
  • 01:35 time
  • 1550 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    great Around the hood 5.01 mi 00:39 07:52 pace

    Just a short 5, can't complain about mid 30's with little wind. I was all over the place with the pace. Splits: 7:46.5/8:03.5/7:58.6/7:46.7/7:49.6

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      At lunch time I was thinking how nice it would have been to go for a run in shorts. :) Way to go!

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  2. RUN
    good Zero Zappin' 7.01 mi 00:56 07:59 pace

    Not a lot of sleep since Saturday night, so I was a bit drained on this run, but I got it done. Splits: 8:03.5/7:58.1/8:00.9/7:59.4/7:59.4/8:06.7/7:52.9

  3. RUN
    great Around the hood 7.01 mi 00:55 07:52 pace

    Amazing what sleep does for you, felt great compared to yesterday. I even had enough juice to press the pace on the last 2 thanks a good jam on the headphones. Splits: 7:54.0/8:17.5/7:51.2/7:58.3/7... read more

  4. RUN
    alright On very little sleep 7.01 mi 00:55 07:52 pace

    Got less than 4 hours of sleep last night. Felt good at the start, but my 2.5 in I was feeling the lack of sleep. I considered taking the 6.25 mi option, but decided to muscle through it. I need to... read more

  5. RUN
    great Finally Zapping' the Zero! 6.26 mi 00:47 07:28 pace

    This weather has been killing me, even though I'm not training for anything, I NEED to run. So I took advantage of today's "nice" weather (it's amazing when 30 and no wind ... read more

  6. RUN
    blah It's like a heat wave 6.26 mi 00:51 08:10 pace

    You know it's been cold when 30 feels warm. I set out for 7 since I haven't run much in the last week thanks to the sub zero temperatures. However, my legs were really feeling yesterdays ... read more

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Good job! I can totally relate to the calf issue after trying to do snowy loops today.

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    • Barbara W.
      Barbara W.

      Nice work in the heat wave! I hope your calves are feeling better today.

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  7. RUN
    Birthday Run 9.16 mi 01:33 10:07 pace

    I always like to run on my birthday, reminds me I'm alive. So when the Rancidgoat put the call out, I tapped in. The goal was 90 mins of running, on dry roads, that is somewhere north of 11 mi... read more

  8. RUN
    blah Too Darn Cold 1.01 mi 00:08:32 08:27 pace

    From Wednesday, bailed because of the cold and wind

  9. RUN
    great Tempo Thursday 5.01 mi 00:37 07:25 pace

    Even though I'm not training for anything, I need to work on getting my speed back. So I'm bring back Tempo Thursdays slowly. I set out before the high winds, but there was stuff on the g... read more

  10. RUN
    Gahanna again 6.01 mi 00:48 08:03 pace

    No complaints. Light wind made for pleasant cool temps. Splits: 8:26.2/8:00.1/8:05.7/7:50.1/8:00.8/7:57.8

  11. RUN
    great G town again 5.01 mi 00:39 07:52 pace

    Ran the long way back to the office after dropping the wife's car for an oil change. Splits: 8:12.7/7:56.3/7:47.0/7:46.8/7:41.8

  12. RUN
    great Back in the G to ZTZ 6.01 mi 00:47 07:46 pace

    Because of some traveling I was only able to run twice last week, hope to change that this week with some good mileage. Splits: 7:56.6/7:51.6/7:52.1/7:42.5/7:33.0/7:41.4

  13. RUN
    great Into the wind! 8.01 mi 01:03 07:49 pace

    Decided to run to the lighthouse, first 4 miles were into the 25 MPH wind and brutal. Coming buck it rotated from pushing me from behind to sideways. Splits: 8:03.3/7:56.1/7:53.7/7:45.9/7:44.5/7:45... read more

  14. RUN
    The 'bury 8.25 mi 01:06 08:00 pace

    From Tuesday, just trying to get in some easy miles when I could to ZTZ.
    Splits: 8:06.1/8:06.4/8:02.1/8:04.7/8:03.7/7:59.2/7:55.9/7:53.1/0.25 @ 1:56.0 (7:40)

  15. RUN
    great Snowmageddon! 10.01 mi 01:26 08:33 pace

    10 miles of fun in the snow with the Rancidgoat and Joe Toe. I figured the trail would be completely snow covered so I put the trail shoes on and brought regulars just in case they got it plowed ea... read more

  16. RUN
    great 12 degrees 8.5 mi 01:09 08:04 pace

    It may have been 12 degrees, but no wind made the weather bearable. The run itself was nice and easy. Splits: 8:17.3/8:11.6/8:09.8/8:05.9/8:06.6/8:02.8/7:58.0/7:57.8/0.50 @ 3:48.7 (7:34)

  17. RUN
    great Into the Wind 5.01 mi 00:40 08:01 pace

    Wind and Rain, not very pleasant in the winter, 39 felt really cold (I wore shorts, which was nice). I wanted to run a short tempo, but I've averaged under 5 hours of sleep the last 3 nights, ... read more

  18. RUN
    great G Town 7.01 mi 00:56 07:59 pace

    Dodgy footing at times but otherwise a nice run for 19 degrees. Probably because there was no wind. Splits: 8:04.2/7:57.3/8:03.9/8:04.0/7:50.9/7:54.1/8:01.5

  19. RUN
    great Snowy ZTZ 5.01 mi 00:40 07:59 pace

    Waited for the plow to come through, which gave me sorta clear roads. Splits: 8:15.4/7:58.1/7:53.6/7:53.9/7:54.5

  20. RUN
    great New Albany 10.02 mi 01:21 08:05 pace

    Great morning long group run in New Albany. Dave P. sent up the smoke signals earlier this week for 20, he got a really good group together, some running all, some just part, myself included for 10... read more