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Run, run, run. And break a few PR's. Current PRs: 5k-19:12 (May 2014) 10k-41:04 (May 2016) Half-1:29:36 (Apr. 2016) Full-3:24:15 (Sept. 2013)

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  • 17 miles
  • 02:11 time
  • 2138 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    good Almost Cool 9.01 mi 01:09 07:40 pace

    Need to push the distance on this, I have a long way to go to be ready for a marathon in 8 weeks. Splits: 7:56.4/7:51.6/7:40.6/7:44.4/7:42.5/7:34.2/7:36.2/7:34.4/7:22.2

  2. RUN
    great Sweet 50's 8.01 mi 01:02 07:43 pace

    Oh sweet 50 degree range, how I have missed running in you... Splits: 7:49.4/7:52.2/7:49.2/7:49.0/7:44.3/7:41.6/7:41.7/7:24.6

  3. RUN
    alright 11.25 mi 01:34 08:23 pace

    Met up with Joe Toe, The Rancidgoat, Carrie J. and her friend Jamie for a goal of the back half of the Columbus Marathon route (since it changed), 15 to 16 miles total including from/to parking.

    G... read more

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      I totally get the sweating out a gallon of water thing. :) Happens to me pretty much every day. Nice group run!

      4 days ago Like

  4. RUN
    blah 96% Swamp 6.25 mi 00:48 07:38 pace

    Only 96% swamp today, 70 degrees with a 68 degree dew point. I was thinking 8, my body was thinking 6, clearly it won. Splits: 7:59.1/7:41.9/7:36.8/7:30.1/7:34.9/7:31.6/0.25 @ 1:49.4 (7:12)

  5. RUN
    good 100% Swamp 8.01 mi 01:01 07:38 pace

    68 degrees + 68 degree dew point = 100% Swamp Run. Soaked from head to toe, should have just jumped into a pool. Splits: 7:52.5/7:45.8/7:36.9/7:40.5/7:31.6/7:28.1/7:41.4/7:30.6

  6. RUN
    alright Sweaty 7.01 mi 00:54 07:40 pace

    Unreal how much sweat came out of me today in 54 mins. Splits: 7:41.4/7:47.9/7:45.5/7:44.3/7:40.6/7:35.6/7:31.2

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      I left five different puddles. I'm not sure how my body retains as much as I sweat out.

      8 days ago Like2 people

  7. RUN
    blah Crashing-Bonking-Whatever 13.83 mi 02:09 09:18 pace

    Met Joe Toe for a 15 mile Saturday run...well, that sucked. It's been probably a year since I crashed physically on a run. 79 at the start, probably 84 when we finished, dew point was 71 degre... read more

    • Rachel E.
      Rachel E.

      Oh wow scary stuff! I had a similar run a few weeks ago and it took me a few days to fully recover. I thinknin my case it was heat related. Feel better soon!

      11 days ago Like

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      You definitely have to adapt on hot days.

      10 days ago Like

  8. RUN
    alright Whatever 7.25 mi 00:55 07:35 pace

    Am I the only person that falls apart after 10 days off? Physically, I feel like I'm getting better, but it's hard to gauge in the humidity, which was bad but not horrible. I'm think... read more

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Probably wouldn't hurt to get it check out. It's tough when you take a bunch of days off to get back into it. Your splits look good!

      14 days ago Like

  9. RUN
    good Better 8.01 mi 01:01 07:39 pace

    Felt better today, decent weather. Splits: 7:49.6/7:47.9/7:32.7/7:42.1/7:40.6/7:38.8/7:35.1/7:28.2

  10. RUN
    blah Not Good 10.01 mi 01:23 08:17 pace

    Plan called for an easy 10 today, however, I wanted to do 13-14 since I haven't had a long run in 3 weeks. Well, the body revolted, the temps were cooler at 72, with lower humidity (75%) but i... read more

  11. RUN
    alright Fighting the Heat and Humidity 8 mi 01:00 07:32 pace

    72 degrees isn't bad, except when the dew point is 69 for a cozy 90% humidity... Not gonna lie, this was rough. Stopped at 4 miles to drink some water and cool off, the couple of road crossing... read more

  12. RUN
    good Batteling Back 7.01 mi 00:55 07:48 pace

    Whether was a little better, need to reverse the losses from 10 days of gluttony. Splits: 8:16.4/7:51.3/7:45.8/7:43.4/7:49.6/7:42.1/7:34.2

  13. RUN
    alright After 10 days off 5.01 mi 00:39 07:44 pace

    I never run well on vacation at the beach. South Carolina has horrible humidity. The first day was 76 degrees with a 72 degree dew point at 6 am. It got worse after that, 80 degrees with dew points... read more

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      I spent a week in SC and can vouch for the heat and humidity. Welcome'll be busting out your normal splits again before you know it!

      23 days ago Like

    • Rachel E.
      Rachel E.

      Sometimes the body just needs the beach!!

      23 days ago Like

  14. RUN
    alright Hell on Earth 7.01 mi 00:54 07:40 pace

    Hot-Humid-Hell. Splits: 8:04.7/7:42.9/7:36.6/7:36.2/7:36.0/7:34.9/7:29.6

  15. RUN
    great Failed Tempo 10.01 mi 01:13 07:17 pace

    Plan was a 10 miler with 7 at GMP. Did 6 at GMP last week. I just didn't have the juice today, heat and humidity maybe the culprit. It gave it my best but I failed. On a side note, I found a w... read more

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Looks like nice splits to me. Good job with the wallet.

      about 1 month ago Like

  16. RUN
    good Will the humidity ever end? 6.01 mi 00:45 07:26 pace

    Gross humidity zero zapper. Splits: 7:44.2/7:35.0/7:30.5/7:23.9/7:15.1/7:14.3

  17. RUN
    good Wondering around 13.65 mi 01:53 08:16 pace

    Met up with the Rancidgoat for a 13 ish miles around the city. Had absolutely no plan on where to go, so we just started running and made it up as we went. Noticed a race setting up at Genoa park, ... read more

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Great job! Shocked that you didn't get in race pictures again. :)

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

    • Brian S.
      Brian S.

      It was just starting when we were in route to the cars, we were probably 2 miles ahead of the race, and it was only a 5k.

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

  18. RUN
    great Super Swamp Run 7.01 mi 00:53 07:34 pace

    Swampy humid sweaty hell, 71 degrees with a 69 degree dew point = 97% of gross humidity. Splits: 7:43.6/7:44.5/7:39.0/7:47.1/7:30.7/7:20.9/7:18.8

  19. RUN
    good Not as Humid 7.1 mi 00:53 07:30 pace

    Not as humid as yesterday, but still disgusting, don't think I would have handled the speedwork from Tuesday, f'ing hamstring. Splits: 7:42.7/7:41.4/7:28.2/7:33.8/7:23.1/7:20.3/7:25.0/0.1... read more

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Running these days is definitely an instant weight loss plan with all the heat and humidity.

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

    • Rachel E.
      Rachel E.

      It's terribly humid here too the temperature dropped with the humidity it is still terrible

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

  20. RUN
    great Swamp Run 6.01 mi 00:45 07:31 pace

    The heat and humidity was gross, 74 degrees with a 71 degree dew point, like 89% humidity. I went through 16 oz of water in 6 easy miles. Splits: 7:41.2/7:36.1/7:37.4/7:23.1/7:21.8/7:28.1