Friends (26)

  • Carrie S.

    Carrie S.

    Williamstown, MA, To get my body back in shape after growing two small humans inside it. To regain my mental health. And a 10K in October of this year!

  • Corinna M.

    Corinna M.

    Brampton, ON, Rock n Roll Las Vegas - December 2, 2012

  • Danielle N.

    Danielle N.

    Florence, IN,

  • Tami C.

    Tami C.

    Chesterton, IN, I'm BAAAAACK! Training for my 3rd Marathon on my Birthday January 17th!!

  • Philip M.

    Philip M.

    Cambridge, ON, Run as much as possible. Inspire others to run. Run alone, and with friends.

  • Katie H.

    Katie H.

    Washington, DC, Marine corps marathon 2013

  • Annie S.

    Annie S.

    Houston, TX, beat my PR's! :) ____ ___ 5K - 26:37 (8:35 pace) ___ 8K - 47:00 (9:24 pace) ___ 10K - 1:02:06 (10:00 pace)

  • Gerry


    Singapore, To become strong inside out and run my first half by this year!

  • Jason K.

    Jason K.

    Minneapolis, MN, My ultimate goal, initially, was to lose 40 pounds. I may try for 50, and see if I can't manage to run a race sometime.

  • Tina C.

    Tina C.

    Devon, UK, to run the exeter half under 2hours 30 mins, and work to been the fittest i've ever been, oh lets add another half torbay half marathon in june

  • Cindi P.

    Cindi P.

    , Updated goal: To run in several 5K's, a 10K and a Half in the spring and the Rock & Roll Half in the fall.

  • Emily B.

    Emily B.

    Alexandria, VA, Increase weekly distances to 20 miles or more on a regular basis. Practice yoga several days a week. Just enjoy running!

  • Runningcorgi


    Chicago, IL, Hi, my name is Chris. I ended my running streak after 135 days. I'll keep trying to run better and wiser. I'm blogging about my run and my corgis :-)

  • Keira


    Charleston, SC,

  • Jeff H.

    Jeff H.

    Columbus, OH, Just getting started-working on speed and distance.

  • Berkeley J.

    Berkeley J.

    Salt Lake City, UT, run my second marathon in october!

  • Stephstrong


    Sacramento, CA, My goal for year 2011 was to complete 11 races. Check! My goal for year 2012... do I dare say it?... MARATHON! Check! Next goal... faster sprint triathlon!

  • Niegel B.

    Niegel B.

    Orlando, FL, To achieve an optimal level of fitness and self-improvement.

  • Shanna W.

    Shanna W.

    Chicago, IL, To run the 2012 Chicago first!

  • Daniele N.

    Daniele N.

    San Antonio, TX, I am always looking to improve my running. I am training for the New York City Marathon and I am super excited!! This might be the ONLY marathon I run!

  • Ndrunner Y.

    Ndrunner Y.

    Bismarck, ND, To run the NFE Lincoln National Guard Marathon on 15 May, 2012. (Location Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo) (Note first day of tracking runs on dailymile Feb 2, 2012)

  • Alison C.

    Alison C.

    Oakville, ON, To complete the Mississauga Half Marathon - May 6, 2012. Need to try and beat my last time of 2:24.... anyone have tips?

  • Larry N.

    Larry N.

    York, IN, Lower blood pressure, increase quality of life, would like to water ski when I'm 70. Run the Flying Pig Marathon

  • Trekchick
  • Darren R.

    Darren R.

    Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB, To be a runner...Comfortably...