Wall of Motivation (42)

  1. Robert F.
      Post a workout!

    I thought it had been awhile since I've seen you log some miles. Hope all is ... read more

  2. Mrsmun
      Nice Job

    Great miles for the month and I'm glad it all seems to be coming together nic... read more

  3. Ric C
      Nice Job

    Pipped me at the post for November! ;-) Great running Brad. on a workout

  4. Robert F.
      Great Performance

    Nice run through some really sloppy trails. Also, your map gave me some good ... read more

  5. Mrsmun
      Nice Job

    I think you earned that cheesecake, good miles in not always easy conditions! on a workout

  6. Robert F.
      Great Performance

    7:13, wow that's fast. Nice run on a workout

  7. Robert F.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  8. Mrsmun
      Nice Job

    Nice to meet you Brad, that last hill is a killer, especially as you have jus... read more

  9. Ric C
      Nice Job

    A great start back to training! Good miles at a healthy pace. Ultra Year 20... read more

  10. Mrsmun
      Nice Job

    Great work, I reckon running in the dark = scary=faster run ;) on a workout

  11. Ric C
      Nice Job

    Excellent brick session Brad!! Great pace straight off the bike! on a workout

  12. Mrsmun
      Feel Better

    Sounds like a sore ride home, hope the time on the sofa mends the legs! on a workout

  13. Mrsmun
      Nice Job

    Now it would make more sense if it was cycling away from work! Thats a very s... read more

  14. Mrsmun
      Feel Better

    Thats from all that gardening! Speedy 4 today :) on a workout

  15. Ric C
      Nice Job

    Like the sound of the MTB ride. Like the sound of chilling in the garden wit... read more

  16. Mab13
      Nice Job

    LOL, indeed 'twould be rude not to have a few ales. Enjoy the wedding and wel... read more

  17. Ric C
      Nice Job

    You'll be sub-60 before you know it! Well done Brad - shame you're just too ... read more

  18. Ric C
      Great Performance

    Its PB central this week! Good work Brad!! :) on a workout

  19. Ric C
      Nice Job

    Doesn't sounds like a whole lot of fun but you did make me laugh with the VW ... read more

  20. Mrsmun
      Nice Job

    Fabulous way to commute :) on a workout

  21. Ric C
      Nice Job

    Impressed but dunno how you do it... I feel bored just reading it ;-) on a workout

  22.   Feel Better

    Sore throats, er, suck! on a workout

  23. Ric C
      Nice Job

    Good work :) on a workout

  24. Mrsmun
      Nice Job

    You did it, well done! First of many? on a workout

  25. Mrsmun
      Nice Job

    Keep up the good work! on a workout

  26.   Nice Job

    Back at it - yay! :D on a workout

  27. Ric C
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a good run! on a workout

  28. Mrsmun

    A fantastic achievement, there's not many who can say they ran an Ultra (and ... read more

  29. Simon L.
      You're Badass

    Fantastic Brad. You are an Ultra Runner. Any tips? on a workout

  30. Charles H.
      You're an Inspiration

    Brilliant, well done Brad! on a workout

  31. Nikki C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Amazing!! on a workout

  32. Mab13
      Great Performance

    Another DMer also complained that the course lacked clear signage. You did r... read more

  33.   Great Performance

    Outstanding.... very well done - if nothing else, if you feign injury on the ... read more

  34.   Get Better

    That's a bugger - don't force that 26 until the hammy's have settled down!!! ... read more

  35. Ric C
      Good Luck

    26 tomorrow? Best of luck! Look forward to reading about it hear :) on a workout

  36.   Great Performance

    Top mileage on the bike this weekend...... tough windy conditions! on a workout

  37. Simon L.

    That is quite something. I did 16 on the treadmill once and nearly had a bre... read more

  38. Ric C
      Nice Job

    Great miles Brad and very impressive staying power on the dreadmill but you d... read more

  39.   Hi-five

    Ouch - 3 hours on a TM - that's almost worth 30 miles on the road. Top running. on a workout

  40. Ric C
      You're Funny

    Oh, and if we're taking the mickey, would slowing you down 100% not result in... read more

  41. Ric C
      Great Performance

    Wow, fantastic miles Brad!! Good effort - particularly after so little sleep... read more

  42. Ric C
      Nice Job

    Excellent that the knee felt ok! :) on a workout