Wall of Motivation (104)

  1. Des
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2. Des

    :-) on a workout

  3. Jim S.
      Nice Job

    Sneaking back into the groove! on a workout

  4. Kim M.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training! I've enjoyed your daily logs...hoping all is... read more

  5. Jim S.
      Great Performance

    Keep it up! on a workout

  6. Penrhyn David Y
      Nice Job

    Very solid run Bruce! on a workout

  7. Jim S.
      You're Funny

    I am impressed with that pace on a workout

  8. Kristin B.
      Great Performance

    What do they mean?? LOL on a workout

  9. Marie
      Get Better

    Taking it easy a few days? Does that mean a few days of just 1 milers? I ho... read more

  10. Brian P.
      Great Performance

    Good to see you again. Nice run. Maybe I'll see you at Canfield on the 4th. on a workout

  11. Brian P.
      Nice Job

    Great run Bruce, congrats on sub-7 mile! on a workout

  12. Gina B.
      Nice Job

    for an EASIER run, try running around Rick w/Girard! hA! on a workout

  13. Kristin B.
      Nice Job

    Teams rock!!! on a workout

  14. Des

    Well done on completing the marathon Bruce, it was a miserable morning. on a workout

  15. Des
      Nice Job

    Well done Bruce, the weather this weekend was a challenge. on a workout

  16. Marie
      Feel Better

    Really 5*? I won't whine that it was 40* and windy here then. Makes me soun... read more

  17. Marie
      Great Performance

    I just sent you a message! I was freaking out! Seriously, I even told my hu... read more

  18. Jacky C.
      You're an Inspiration

    WTG on such a cold day! on a workout

  19. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    LOL...sounds like a heck of a run. Glad you (and Rick) made it thru. (Do they... read more

  20.   Nice Job

    Exactly! That's the way I feel too! Nice run this morning! on a workout

  21. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    LOL...I think that 5 somehow made the trip to Columbus. I'll be happy to send... read more

  22. Brian
      Nice Job

    Congrats!! on a workout

  23. Connie O.
      Great Performance

    Nicely done Bruce. It's pretty bad when the trail goes missing because of the... read more

  24. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    LOL...k then...that pretty much says it all!!! on a workout

  25. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    Nice run Bruce. Good luck at the dentist. on a workout

  26. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    Nicely done Bruce. Do you like these work hours better? on a workout

  27.   Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  28. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    As always...good work Bruce! on a workout

  29. Connie O.
      Great Performance

    Ah yes...life! It does sneak in sometimes doesn't it? Nice run my friend. on a workout

  30. Connie O.
      Great Performance

    Poor Rick...I mean...whoever could that have been Bruce? Nice run though!!! on a workout

  31. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    Nice run Bruce! Rick...you are such a brat!!! I had 3 white squirrels on my r... read more

  32. Penrhyn David Y
      Nice Job

    Doin the hard miles? on a workout

  33. Connie O.
      Great Performance

    Don't mind them Bruce. :-) Day 53 is awesome!!! Great job. I'm impressed. on a workout

  34. Bill R.
      Great Performance

    Nice results Bruce! on a workout

  35. Connie O.

    Good job my friend...and awesome pace! on a workout

  36.   Great Performance

    Congratulations! Great pace and fine run. on a workout

  37. Connie O.
      Great Performance

    Isn't it a beautiful day? (How's the streak going?) on a workout

  38. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    I'm guessin' this was a good run! Nicely done my friend! on a workout

  39. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    YeeHaw!!! 41 day streak and holding. Awesome job Bruce!!! on a workout

  40. Tony
      You're an Inspiration

    What?? 40?? If I run more than 4 I'm ready for a day off. Great job! on a workout

  41. Connie O.
      Great Performance

    Oh hush! It was a beautiful day...quitcherbitchin'!!! :-) on a workout

  42. Brian P.
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome Bruce. on a workout

  43. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    Awesome! Gore will be so proud of y'all!!! Great job on the streak Bruce! on a workout

  44. Melinda O.
      Nice Job

    Nice job on 23 days...you are nearing the end:) on a workout

  45. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    Good work there Bruce!!!

  46. Brian P.
      Nice Job

    good job bruce on a workout

  47. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    Nicely done Bruce! on a workout

  48. Connie O.
      Nice Job

    No comments??? What is this...you getting lazy my friend? on a workout

  49. Connie O.

    Awesome job Bruce!!! Nice pace! on a workout

  50. Connie O.
      Great Performance

    Looks like it was a good run...no pain? on a workout