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  • 4 miles
  • 00:40 time
  • 519 calories
  • 1 workouts
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  1. RUN
    good New shoe run 3.6 mi 00:40 11:06 pace

    Ended up getting another pair of Under Armours yesterday - my first pair was pretty good, and after looking at Asics and Nike, I was drawn back to UA. They felt pretty good this morning and confirm... read more

    • Karen A.
      Karen A.

      I love that you have "crisis" in quotes here; I often feel that way about work stuff. No one is dying? Yeah, that's a "crisis." Anyway. Nice miles and glad the shoes made it worthwhile for you to get to the store. :)

      about 17 hours ago Like2 people

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    • Petite

      Glad you got the new pair that has worked for you, Bill.

      about 8 hours ago Like

    • Kristin M.
      Kristin M.

      Boo to "crisis," yay for new shoes!

      about 7 hours ago Like

  2. VELO
    good Sunday night stationary ride 11 mi 00:50 13.2mph pace

    Weights while riding - good sweat.

  3. RUN
    good Big Creek Greenway 5 mi 00:56 11:11 pace

    Got a late start thanks to...well, best to not mention any names when someone finally got moving we went down to the Fowler Park section of the greenway where there is more parking - Bet... read more

    • Ann H.
      Ann H.

      I think you should be able to get a subscription for running shoes. Like state your preferences and monthly mileage and a new pair shows up at the right time. Must be a nice treat to have a little break in the weather for a easy Sunday morning. Lovely

      1 day ago Like2 people

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    • Hashi2
      Hashi2 is my best friend. Free shipping & free returns. Nice miles this morning Bill. BTW, I shop just like Anne. 1 for the hubby & 5 for me. The exception is golf - he can have it all.

      1 day ago Like

    • Dian T.
      Dian T.

      high five on the five!

      about 19 hours ago Like

  4. RUN
    good Warm up (?) for Old Soldier's... 2 mi 00:25 12:30 pace

    Blah - didn't really get warmed up.

  5. RUN
    blah Old Soldier's Day 10K, Alphar... 6.22 mi 00:51 08:14 pace

    "I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it." - Terry Malloy (Brando) in "On The Waterfront"

    That about sums... read more

    • Karen A.
      Karen A.

      Oh, geez, Bill, what a tough race. Given the unexpected nap in the hot tub, maybe you're fighting a bug or something? I always get slow and sluggish and tired and tight when I'm about to get sick. Way to get the race done, though. And I'm glad it was cooler for you, at least.

      3 days ago Like1 person

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    • Ann H.
      Ann H.

      you are the AG winning king. you know, sometimes it seems like a day off actually makes the first day back even harder. it's weird, but it's like the deeper fatigue comes to the surface. anyway, not your best, but a really good workout and great to be out there...

      3 days ago Like1 person

    • Mike K.
      Mike K.

      How great is it that you get the 1st AG and still have a "bad" run! Now nearly drowning in the hot tub ... not so much.

      2 days ago Like1 person

  6. RUN
    good Big Creek Greenway 3 mi 00:35 11:39 pace

    Legs were tired, this one didn't come easily. 3 was the plan today and that was good. I've been jumping in the pool for a short swim this week after getting back from the greenway - it s... read more

    • Mike K.
      Mike K.

      Run then swim is clearly the preferred order - nice miles in the soup Bill!

      5 days ago Like

    • Ann H.
      Ann H.

      i bet that pool jump couldn't come soon enough and couldn't be any sweeter. thank goodness.

      5 days ago Like

    • Bill H.
      Bill H.

      Nice miles Bill

      4 days ago Like

    • Hashi2

      The pools sounds perfect after your runs. Great job getting the miles in on tired legs.

      3 days ago Like

  7. RUN
    good Big Creek Greenway 4.1 mi 00:39 09:30 pace

    Susan and I knocked an early 4 before she flies across the pond. That's 3 days in a row I've run sub-10 - faster than my usual plodding mid-week pace. But that's good prep for Saturd... read more

  8. Shared Photo

    Post run selfie with reluctant Susan ("no, I'm too sweaty..."). Hey, I'm the one with sweat dripping off my nose.

  9. RUN
    good Big Creek Greenway 4.1 mi 00:40 09:45 pace

    Not as hot as yesterday afternoon, but hot enough. I wasn't expecting Susan to make this early run but she was ready to go when I was. Greenway was very crowded for 6:30AM on a Tuesday morning.

  10. RUN
    good Dad-daughter run 3.2 mi 00:30 09:31 pace

    Youngest daughter Susan came home for a couple of days before heading to Portofino for 3 weeks. We went down to the greenway for a late afternoon run in the heat and humidity, a short quick run.
    ... read more

  11. VELO
    good Sunday Night Spin 11 mi 00:53 12.5mph pace

    Spin, weights and Showtime. All good.

  12. Shared Photo

    I'm done after my distance PR. Couldn't even chase a chipmunk.

  13. Shared Photo

    This one is the size of a small pizza. Hmmm, maybe with some pepperoni and black olives on top...or maybe not. I think this is a "Destroying Angel" and well named.

    • Petite

      I saw a few of this one in our backyard last week. I wonder if it's safe to eat this. Don't know what's poisonous and what isn't.

      9 days ago Like

    • Mike K.
      Mike K.

      I wouldn't eat it Petite!

      9 days ago Like1 person

    • Holly T.
      Holly T.

      that one is not safe... I've never had enough confidence even armed with a book to eat anything fungi, except from a store. BUT, we did eat Lionfish today and it as tasty

      8 days ago Like1 person

  14. RUN
    good Hemptown Hills 5.2 mi 00:56 10:46 pace

    Woke at 3AM, the moon was long set on a black night. There was the tranquilizing sound of rain coming down through the trees; I turned over and went back to sleep until I felt Mac's perpetual... read more

  15. RUN
    good Big Creek Greenway 6.25 mi 01:07 10:43 pace

    Crowded, steamy greenway this morning. Saw a few friends out sweating. My hip was a little painful, but with the help of the Stones, The Band and Asia, it finally decided to behave at about 4 miles... read more

    • Karen A.
      Karen A.

      Steamy + hot tub does not sound fun, but if it helps the hip, then I suppose yeah, worth it. Nice miles today - glad the run seemed to help, at least!

      9 days ago Like

    • Mike K.
      Mike K.

      Glad you were able to work out your hip ... it's been pretty nasty out this weekend.

      9 days ago Like

  16. RUN
    good Big Creek Greenway 5.1 mi 00:50 09:48 pace

    Had a little more time this morning to enjoy the run. Journey and ZZ Top got me moving and I finished up with Jim Cramer's podcast.

  17. RUN
    good Big Creek Greenway 3.8 mi 00:40 10:31 pace

    Another one of those runs that had to end on schedule. That was too bad because I felt good and could have stayed out longer if I could have. Maybe I'll try to get out later today for another ... read more

  18. Shared Photo

    It wasn't long until lightning lit the western sky. Whenever I see it arc across the clouds, I think this is where our ancestors got their belief in dragons.

  19. RUN
    good Ducktown Route 2.9 mi 00:32 11:02 pace

    Despite the mid-day stationary ride, I needed a little unwinding run at the end of the day, so out I headed on the local trails around 7PM. I had been out just a little while when the clouds rolled... read more

  20. VELO
    good Meeting in motion 15 mi 01:15 12.0mph pace

    Couldn't squeeze in an early run due to a cross town breakfast meeting, but I did get my Wellness Program "Active Meeting" points for the week by riding the stationary bike during a ... read more

    • Mike K.
      Mike K.

      Would have been great to see the bike-station! My guess is that people run either hot or cold on binary analysis ...

      13 days ago Like2 people

    • Bill H.

      If they're hot for it Mike, I try to make sure they don't invade my personal space.

      12 days ago Like2 people