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Be really all around fit. Motivate others to do the same. Stop destroying body at marathons.

Wall of Motivation (281)

  1. Rachel C.
      Post a workout!

    Hey Ben, Haven't seen you post in awhile! Hope all is well and the WODs ar... read more

  2.   Post a workout!

    I miss following your training! Hope you're doing well, Ben!

  3. Tracy M.
      Post a workout!

    Dude. Hope everything is okay on your end? Haven't seen you around DM in a wh... read more

  4. Tameika
      Post a workout!

    Miss you Ben! Hope all is well with you and my girl Erin. Give her my best! B... read more

  5. Agirlnhershoes
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  6. Nora
      Post a workout!

    You'd better be on a trip. I miss you. Hugs to you and EP!

  7. Nora
      You're Badass

    Ben, the burpees alone would have killed me. You're my damn hero. Don't forge... read more

  8. Tameika
      Great Performance

    BEAST! You killed it once again Ben. I can picture you killing that last mile... read more

  9. Tameika
      Nice Job

    FIRE Ben! You kicked butt and still have energy? Impressive sir! Your nutriti... read more

  10.   Nice Job

    Nice tempo run Ben! on a workout

  11.   Nice Job

    Looking strong Ben! on a workout

  12.   Nice Job

    Give me some of your energy! on a workout

  13. Tameika
      Nice Job

    ROCK on Ben! Sounds like you gave the WOD a good butt kicking too! on a workout

  14. Tracy M.
      Nice Job

    Taken to failure must mean you're one of the last ones to finish? Pretty sure... read more

  15. Rob S.

    Great Job on the sub-40! Especially considering you' on a workout

  16.   Nice Job

    Very nice progressive run Ben! iLikey that last mile! on a workout

  17. Patty E.
      Great Performance

    Awesome progression! And now I want to see that movie! on a workout

  18. Christine
      Nice Job

    Another fantastic workout! Looking great Ben! on a workout

  19. Rosalyn R.

    There's a lot going on there, Ben! I wish I understood more of them. Sounds b... read more

  20. Tameika
      Great Performance

    Amazing! Looks like a little break paid dividends for you. Along with the inc... read more

  21. Matt

    Super fast, Ben! Congrats on a sub-6 5k. Sounds like a great time was had! on a workout

  22.   Great Performance

    Awesome! Speedster! Well done Ben! on a workout

  23. Rob S.

    You Crushed it Ben! Great Race!!! on a workout

  24. Tracy M.

    Beautiful day for a shiny, new PR - congrats, Ben! All that hard work has pai... read more

  25.   Great Performance

    Holy shi*t! Fast! on a workout

  26. Azaka R.
      Great Performance

    Flying 5k!!! Fantastic run n pace!! Congrats!!! on a workout

  27. Patty E.
      Great Performance

    Holy moly sub-6! You killed it! Congrats on a great race and day of fun! on a workout

  28. Rob S.
      Good Luck

    Show no mercy! :) on a workout

  29. Rob S.
      You're an Inspiration

    DUDE! on a workout

  30. Patty E.
      Great Performance

    I watched the workout when it first came out and thought it looked pretty int... read more

  31. Tracy M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Um, yeah.... there are no words. SMH - most definitely a screw loose ;) on a workout

  32. Patty E.
      Great Performance

    Impressive! I watched the other day on FB, really hard! Keep it going! on a workout

  33. Rob S.
      Great Performance

    Man that's a lot of burpees!!!!! on a workout

  34. Tameika
      Great Performance

    OMG! I can't do a pullup on my own weight so I can't imagine strapping on mor... read more

  35.   Nice Job

    Strong CF training Ben! on a workout

  36.   You're Badass

    Awsum! on a workout

  37. Nora
      You're Badass

    *hands you the Flash costume* Just freaking wear it everywhere now, Okay? ok. on a workout

  38. Tracy M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats on your well-deserved award and funding, Ben! Enjoy the rest of the ... read more

  39. Dave F.

    Congratulations, Ben!! What super news. Talk about good excuses for celebrat... read more

  40. Tameika

    Love a joyous run. Congratulations Ben!! All that dedication at work is payin... read more

  41. Caroline L.

    Fab news, and I'm sure well-deserved! on a workout

  42. Nora
      You're Badass

    Nonono, Jeff is gonna be striving to be the next Ben when you're done with him. on a workout

  43. Tameika
      Great Performance

    Poor Erin. A real bruiser on her first day, but she's a tough cookie so it ma... read more

  44. Tracy M.
      Nice Job

    Damn. Impressive post-Super Bowl workout.... Everyone seems to be moving in s... read more

  45. Tameika
      Great Performance

    Love it Ben! What a great week! on a workout

  46. Nora
      Great Performance

    You're my hero. Yeah, just that. on a workout

  47. Dave F.
      Great Performance

    BLAZING BEN!! That is extraordinary!! on a workout

  48. Marc C.
      Great Performance

    Excellent PR Ben! on a workout

  49.   Great Performance

    Ben....unbelievable job here except it's believable since I see the time....w... read more

  50. Patty E.
      You're an Inspiration

    Double take! That's a 5! Way to go! on a workout