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Ben logged 3165 miles.

Last workout about 6 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. RUN
    alright 3.82 mi 00:30 07:51 pace

    Tried an easy jog, but the outside knee pain came back about 1.5 miles into the run. Another couple of days off!

  2. FIT
    alright Short run. 4.82 mi 00:37 07:43 pace

    My IT Band and the outside of my left knee still had some pain. It started last Thursday with just being sore. It gave me some trouble on Saturday's big trail run. So I took three days off and... read more

  3. RUN
    good Grew a pair! Navajo Peak! 22.82 mi 03:21 08:48 pace

    Finally ran a trail I've always wanted to run...county rd. to Banded Peaks, Price Lakes, and up the Navajo trail! Long, steep, rocky, snowy, icy, but gorgeous! Max elevation - 9,892ft! The ou... read more

  4. Has anyone ever experimented with very low doses of creatine to help recovery? I saw an article about it in Men's Fitness, but was wondering if it can be used safely - no cramping, fluid reten... read more

    • Colin H.
      Colin H.

      I've been taking the recommended dosage, daily, for 14 straight weeks. I don't think it helps my running (don't think it hinders it, either), but I have a tendency to lose a lot of upper body strength when I run a lot. The creatine seems to help me retain my strength (I only do bodyweight exercises along with some dumbbell work.) Every once in a great while I get muscle cramps from it, but it's rare.

      about 6 years ago Like

    • Colin H.
      Colin H.

      In regards to it helping recovery, I don't think it really does in my case (but, again, that's not my reason for taking it.)

      about 6 years ago Like

    • Ben B.
      Ben B.

      Thanks for the reply, Colin. What's the recommended dosage?

      about 6 years ago Like

    • Colin H.
      Colin H.

      5g (one teaspoon) per day is what my container says. I just mix it with about 8 oz of water.

      about 6 years ago Like

  5. RUN
    alright 17.94 mi 02:29 08:18 pace

    If I feel sick after a workout, not because of the workout, I think I am sick. Woooooozy!

    • Brian A.
      Brian A.

      Feel better, Double-B!!

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    • Ellen

      That was a long run... rest up, drink water, take Emergen-C or Cold Eeze or something, hot tea with honey... you can still stave it off I hope!

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    • Christie
      Christie Feel Better
      Feel Better:

      I hope you feel better! Great miles and awesome pace!

      about 6 years ago

  6. RUN
    Back from a Thankgiving Hiatu... 5.21 mi 00:39 07:29 pace

    After seven days was extremely difficult to get back today! Seven days off, lot's of wine, great food, two deep calf massages, and lack of sleep at times, I was happy my mind and body... read more

  7. RUN
    good The Mill 13.25 mi 01:39 07:28 pace

    Had to shake out the legs from yesterday's run. Tomorrow off...Wednesday...we'll see.

  8. RUN
    good North Pagosa out to Piedra an... 17.39 mi 02:21 08:06 pace

    Capped off a good week of running. Stride, cadence, mid-forefoot strike, hill climbing has never felt any better so far up here. Max. elevation today: 8,102ft.

  9. RUN
    good 84 Flat Section of the Highwa... 13.3 mi 01:35 07:08 pace

    I think the cold helped cool my body temp so I could maintain a comfy pace. Cheers to the Freakin Weekend!

    • Tim D.
      Tim D.

      Dang, you have been logging some serious miles lately. It has been nice to run in a tee but I would trade that for running in your part of the country. Nice Job. You going to hit an ultra next year?

      about 6 years ago Like

    • Ben B.
      Ben B.

      Hey Tim! Thanks, yeah, there's lots of mountain trails, steep highways, and flats too! Being at elevation has helped me do more with less. I'll be moving back to Oregon Jan. 4th because my internship is up here. But, I'm really thinking about doing the TransRockies Race. You should do it too! It's a 5 day race - some do the first 3 days solo, and then have a partner for the last 2. But a lot have partner the all 5!

      about 6 years ago Like1 person

    • Tim D.
      Tim D.

      If I was you I would hit a race shortly after getting back to take advantage of all that legal blood doping you've been doing. That transrockies race looks awesome.

      about 6 years ago Like

    • Erin

      Great run with an awesome pace!

      about 6 years ago Like

  10. RUN
    good The Mill 11.61 mi 01:26 07:24 pace

    Didn't have enough time after work to get my tempo in, so it was "MILL TIME." Felt surprisingly good after two hard runs in the previous days. Wanted to keep a steady 75% read more

  11. RUN
    good The Mill 11.68 mi 01:33 07:58 pace

    Shook the legs out from yesterday's mountain-fest! Goal is to keep them fresh daily as I transition into 50k+ base milage training.

    • Susan T.
      Susan T.

      great pace -especially with that distance! Do you have an event you are working towards?

      about 6 years ago Like

    • Jo S.
      Jo S.

      great distance on the mill, I get bored way too quickly!!!

      about 6 years ago Like

    • Ben B.
      Ben B.

      Susan, I don't have any races lines up just yet...I'm working out the details. I'm tinkering on the thought of doing the Trans-Rockies Run. So far,the last 5 months running at 7,500-8,000ft has made me appreciate longer more sustained training! We'll see!

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  12. Shared Photo

    Finished today at the top where I started.

  13. RUN
    good Crowley Ranch, 84 NW, Confar,... 23.14 mi 03:11 08:15 pace

    Sunny, 34 degrees, kept a steady cadence even up steep climbs.

  14. Shared Photo

    My Route! Above and Below!

  15. RUN
    good Lower Navajo Ranch, County Rd... 12.2 mi 01:37 07:58 pace

    Holy! I waited all day to get the courage up to go out in this weather...numb! 17 degrees, 5 degree wind chill. Time to elevate and relax with a little football!

  16. RUN
    good 13.79 mi 01:43 07:28 pace

    BUTT ASS COLD! 23 degrees at the start of the run 21 degrees at the end. Temp has dropped to 17 degrees already and is supposed to be at -1 tonight! Good News, Wolf Creek Pass got 19in. of fresh po... read more

  17. RUN
    good 9.1 mi 01:07 07:21 pace

    Shorter, easier run on the mill.

  18. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't run? It's ability to take your mind off of trivial things that keep people down and doubting. Hearing your heartbeat through your ears, mat... read more

    • Tory K.
      Tory K.

      I was unable to run for most of February-July. I had a brain hemorrhage end of January. It was awful. Running is how I find my zen and I had to deal with the stress in other ways. Frankly, those ways fell WAY short. I'm back at it now and I am so thankful!

      about 6 years ago Like2 people

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    • Rob N.
      Rob N.

      my wife and kids are way more rewarding than running..... but i get ur point...

      about 6 years ago Like

    • James W.
      James W.

      So true. I am grateful that I started 3 yrs ago.

      about 6 years ago Like

  19. RUN
    good Treadmill. 14.69 mi 01:47 07:17 pace

    Needed to shake the legs out from last week's Mountain Trail Leg Buster's!

    • Jennifer

      Do you ever get tired if being so fast?! ;). Way to go!!

      about 6 years ago Like

    • Ben B.
      Ben B.

      You're too nice! Ever since I made the transition from Road Cycling Racing to Running, it's been a steady progression! Ever since moving to elevation (7,600ft) from Portland, I've had to adapt to many changes in diet, rhythm, and consistency. I just love to run! Everything is relative, though! I just like seeing the potential and tapping into it. You're doing awesome yourself! Keep up the good work! As long as being physically active is a priority, we'll all be in good shape! Cheers to a relaxing night!

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  20. RUN
    good Tempo Treadmill 13.75 mi 01:38 07:07 pace

    Set the treadmill at 8.5 and had a great tempo. Came out of the gym and the temp was already 35 degrees! Crisp skies over Pagosa Peak!