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Slow? I prefer velocity challenged. Either way, I'm embracing my inner turtle while training for my next half marathon and my first half ironman.

Ashley H. ran: There's so much to sa...

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  • 10 miles
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tired A death march. With snow. 9.79 mi 02:42 16:30 pace

There's so much to say about this run, and none of it is good. It was awful. It ended with tears (Really. I was that girl.) It featured a shorter-than-anticipated distance, a lot of snow and four miles on totally unplowed paths (on top of ice) by the time I crossed into Skokie. I'd say about 2-2.5 miles were plowed and salted (Bless you, Lincolnwood!) and the remainder was on packed/semi-plowed snow in the Chicago city limits.

In other words: imagine running on several inches of sand, if sand was cold, wet, slippery and the devil. Thank God for YakTrax (except for the few plowed and salted parts, at which point the YakTrax and I were not friends.) By the end, my walking intervals (I do 4/2s) were faster than my running, which was the extra kick in the gut. I actually switched my Garmin screen so I wouldn't have to look at the pace or how much distance was left.

On top of all the rough conditions, today's run was basically the manifestation of my fear as a pacer. After being up all night with a stomach bug, which was lingering during the run itself, I couldn't hold the pace (or anything close to it), and my group went on ahead with a coach while I finished the last 4+ miles on my own.

I'm so grateful a coach was there to run with them, but felt like such a failure as a pacer and as a runner. I've been working really hard this season to improve my slow pace and for the most part have had a lot of success. But today's run was TWO MINUTES PER MILE slower than my usual long-run pace and I couldn't fight through it to go any faster.

Anyway, four miles of a solo hard run is a lot of time to play mind games with yourself about how much you suck. And a few hours later, I'm just glad it's over.

Let the tapering begin.

  • Tim M.
    Tim M.

    Bad terrain is extra hard work. Good job getting through the difficulty. It's smart to cut back if it gets bad like that. My group had many people cut back for various reasons. Austin will be great and you'll have fun!

    over 5 years ago Like2 people

  • Joanne S.
    Joanne S.

    :Big hugs!: I can empathize, lady. I've the pacer who's had to fall back from the group a few times, and I've also been the person who's ended their run in tears. It's no fun, but it happens. And I've seen it happen to other people too, including some of my biggest running role models. Of course it doesn't mean at all the you suck, not as a runner, or as a pacer, or as a person, it's just one sucky run, but sometimes it's hard to remember that.

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  • Joanne S.
    Joanne S.

    Also, I seriously mean this, but two minutes slower per mile is really is not bad at all on a day like yesterday for you. My hard-ass running coach in Michigan, who never sugar-coated anything, said that running in conditions like you had yesterday should take a full minute/mile slower. So given that you're recovering from illness, you're pace seems just fine. Rest up and recover well and feel proud that you powered through this challenge. I know you'll do great in Austin!

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  • Dan M.
    Dan M.

    Definitely sounds like a frustrating run! A long run that doesn't go well can be stressful and just miserable....

    But please don't feel like a failure as a runner or a pacer. Running with a group is SO helpful 99% of the time. But on some days when you aren't feeling good... and most everyone else is, it can make you feel even worse.

    You'll bounce back very soon!

    over 5 years ago Like1 person

  • Ashley H.
    Ashley H.

    I love you guys. Thanks for the encouragement. I am feeling less failure-y today. *hugs*

    over 5 years ago Like1 person

  • Sonja R.
    Sonja R.

    Ashley - I totally feel your pain. I had a similar run on Saturday with asthma that wouldn't calm down. It's so hard as a pacer to have to leave your group (I finished with a group a few paces back from mine and also cut my run short). But we're only human too :-) As far as Austin goes, I'm a true believer in needing one truly crappy long run to make for a good race. No doubt you'll rock that!

    over 5 years ago Like1 person