5068 total / 46 in 2015

Well, a century was done... so was my first tour... now my goal is to ride more than just a few times a month...

Wall of Motivation (42)

  1. Ironlinae

    I've never heard of that route. Sounds like a nice ride! on a workout

  2.   You Rock

    Looks like we may be doing this trail shortly :-) on a workout

  3. Ro
      You're Hot

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  4.   Hi-five

    Haven't seen you in awhile. Nice miles! on a workout

  5. Jhay S.
      Nice Job

    nice long ride arlene...:-) on a workout

  6. Patti S.
      Feel Better

    It was nice to see you out there. I hope you recover soon. on a workout

  7.   Nice Job

    Good to get the miles in! on a workout

  8. Bicycle Bob
      Nice Job

    Your a good friend Arlene to encourage her like you have. on a workout

  9. Bicycle Bob
      Nice Job

    Nice pace on your ride on a workout

  10.   Nice Job

    Ug for the tire...but some great miles! on a workout

  11.   Nice Job

    Thank God they are relatively inexpensive though ... on a workout

  12. Bicycle Bob
      Nice Job

    nice ride on a workout

  13. Timothy Lloyd D.
      Great Performance

    Congrats! on a workout

  14.   Cheers

    Great miles! on a workout

  15.   You Rock

    THat's a great pace Arlene. on a workout

  16.   Nice Job

    Great job getting out there despite being sore. on a workout

  17. Patti S.
      Feel Better

    So sorry... i hope you heal well. on a workout

  18. Patti S.
      Nice Job

    nice to see you got a ride in this week too! on a workout

  19. Christine
      Nice Job

    I remember riding there... VERY HILLY... good job! on a workout

  20.   Hi-five

    Whoever said that was a jerk. Sorry. I hate that stuff. I have noticed, howev... read more

  21. Jenn

    OMG...I can not even imagine going 41mph DOWN a mountain...I'm more terrified... read more

  22.   Hi-five

    I cannot imagine biking a mountain...excellent job! on a workout

  23. Christine
      Nice Job

    Hey, good job, Arlene... you'll learn about gearing (and when you need to cha... read more

  24. Robert R.
      You're an Inspiration

    Well done! I know the feeling, you should be extremely proud of your persiste... read more

  25.   Nice Job

    That was my problem today. I blame the weather. on a workout

  26. Patti S.
      Great Performance

    good job! heading for pennsylvania in a week!!!!! can you believe it? on a workout

  27. Robert R.
      You're an Inspiration

    You killed it today! on a workout

  28.   Great Performance

    Do you have this route mapped Arlene? I'd like to see it. It sounds like a gr... read more

  29. Kc
      Great Performance

    Doesn't it feel like a victory when you beat the rain? I love it! Great ride!... read more

  30. Patti S.
      Great Performance

    200 miles!!! my hat' helmet's off to you! =) on a workout

  31. Kc
      Nice Job

    where is the barge canal?? you got a firecracker ride in today too! good job! on a workout

  32. Robert R.
      Great Performance

    Sweet distance/pace! on a workout

  33. Patti S.
      Nice Job

    You did super! on a workout

  34.   Nice Job

    Don't need a personal best every time. Sometimes it's just about the company ... read more

  35. Patti S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Impressive mileage for the week! on a workout

  36.   Great Performance

    But it gutted it out and got through ... great pace even with the problems. on a workout

  37. Dale T.

    Nice mies and a great pace... Nice! on a workout

  38. Patti S.
      You're an Inspiration

    good job! on a workout

  39. Patti S.
      Great Performance

    =) Tour de Penn, here we come! on a workout

  40. Dale T.
      Nice Job

    Good ride in the heat... Some nice miles and pace! on a workout

  41. Patti S.
      You're an Inspiration

    40.... Nice! on a workout

  42. Patti S.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!