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  • 53 miles
  • 03:50 time
  • 1849 calories
  • 10 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. FIT
    great Physical therapy exercises

    Legs - the goal being to strengthen the glute/hip flexor/psoas/and everything in between. Used a "heavy" band to add resistance to bridges and clams; right side range of motion is better... read more

  2. VELO
    great Life Time Fitness 20.03 mi 00:56 21.5mph pace

    My goal is to get back to an hour ride before going to spin class; I think it's been almost a year since I was in one of those classes.

  3. VELO
    great Physical Therapy 4 mi 00:10:00 24.0mph pace

    Great, speedy ride for a warm-up. More strengthening today, including wall-ball squats:))))

  4. walk
    good Cardio-core class 0.68 mi 00:12:39 18:36 pace

    Incline walk, very slow. Range of motion was good for the right leg, i.e., my stride was longer.

  5. VELO
    great Cardio-core 6.88 mi 00:20 20.2mph pace

    Part of class; also had mat work with planks and extra ab work. Class lasted 1 hour.

  6. VELO
    great Physical Therapy 3.2 mi 00:10:00 19.2mph pace

    Level 2 on a recumbent bike for a warm-up. Started session with stretching my right leg to alleviate the "shortness" and tight core muscles. She rolled a lot on the adductor as well as ... read more

  7. VELO
    great Bike, as usual 10.34 mi 00:26 23.8mph pace

    Cardio-core class - bike was a "push"/rest sequence, thus the higher rpm and mph. 3 rounds of core work.

  8. RUN
    good Treadmill 1 mi 00:17 17:11 pace

    First attempt at a run in a while; a little shaky on the weak leg at first. Followed a 1minute jog/30second walk. I finished an hour ago, and so far, not too much discomfort.

  9. FIT
    great Strength class 01:00

    Focus on the chest and triceps; some leg work

  10. VELO
    great Stationary bike 6.6 mi 00:18 21.8mph pace

    Good warm up before strength class.

  11. FIT
    great Free Motion machines

    Worked each major muscle group for upper body in a "maintenance" workout; added bridges and some leg/ab combos to further target the weak area of my right hip flexor. Finished with some ... read more

  12. VELO
    great LTF, gym 18.62 mi 00:50 22.2mph pace

    Good ride; pushed the resistance and added some short sprints at a higher resistance.

  13. VELO
    great Physical Therapy 3.1 mi 00:10:00 18.6mph pace

    Warm-up for session; lots of strengthening moves for adductor/psoas/hip flexor, etc.
    Good stretches for all those plus the piriformis. No other workout today.

  14. FIT
    great Strength class 01:00

    Monday was "push" moves, today, "pull" moves. No cardio today after yesterday's double ride and the moves the PT put on me.

  15. VELO
    great 5 mi 00:12:00 25.0mph pace

    Physical Therapy. Recumbent bike for warm up, then lots of intense stretching and strengthening. Quite sore right now.

    • Bill H.

      Good work, Arleen. I hope the soreness works its way out.

      11 days ago Like

  16. FIT
    great Cardio-core class

    5 rounds at descending reps, 50-40-30-20-10,
    squat thrusters/incline pushups/marching planks/double crunch

  17. VELO
    great Cardio-core class 13.45 mi 00:36 22.7mph pace

    Total miles as this was done in segments mixed in with core work. Last 3+ miles were a "push/recovery" at 20sec/20sec. Very pleased with my rpms at level 4.

  18. FIT
  19. VELO
    great indoor cycling 18.26 mi 00:46 23.7mph pace

    Great ride today! Legs felt strong. Recovery post-ride has been much better. No extra leg work today, only the prescribed stretches.