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Fletcher Flyer 100mile bike ride June 3rd 2012 Savannah RnR Half Marathon Nov. 3rd 2012 Napa Valley Marathon March 4th 2013

Wall of Motivation (89)

  1. Lori

    AWESOME!!! I hope I'll have a similar post in a few hours!! How did it feel? on a workout

  2. Lori
      You're an Inspiration

    You're amazing. Great workout!! I imagine you're wiped out now!! on a workout

  3. Lori
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome! I got absorbed in my work and never ran today. Oh well... on a workout

  4. Lori

    Good job! Let the training begin!! :-) on a workout

  5. Javier D.
      Nice Job

    Nice job, Angela! on a workout

  6. Lori
      You're Badass

    I have no idea what you mean by "no bounces," but if it was bad enough to mak... read more

  7. Lori

    Way to get back to it!! on a workout

  8. Karen H.
      Nice Job

    Go Team!! on a workout

  9. Stacy
      Good Luck

    Good luck at Tahoe! on a workout

  10. Bonnie G.
      Nice Job

    you're doing so well with the biking Angela! Good for you! on a workout

  11. Kevin K.
      Nice Job

    Truly inspiring, great job! on a workout

  12. Fred B.

    Nice job! on a workout

  13. Rgbytrtl
      Nice Job

    Fabulous idea!!! on a workout

  14. Marnie R.
      Nice Job

    nice! on a workout

  15. Marnie R.
      Nice Job

    awesome! on a workout

  16.   Nice Job

    Great TM time Angela! on a workout

  17. Lori
      You're Badass

    Great lunch hour workout! You packed a lot into that 30 minute workout!!! on a workout

  18.   Nice Job

    Great job getting back into it! on a workout

  19. Javier D.
      You're Funny

    Nice sucky run, Angela! on a workout

  20. Jamie R.
      Nice Job

    Nice spin!!! on a workout

  21. Kevin K.
      Nice Job

    Great job! It doesn't have to be exciting to be effective, keep it up! on a workout

  22. Jamie R.
      Nice Job

    Lol sounds like a great run to me! Any run is good! Great way to spend your... read more

  23. Melinda M.
      Nice Job

    Woo, nice job, Angela!! on a workout

  24. Raquel W.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a great ride! Love SCT. on a workout

  25. Christie
      You're an Inspiration

    Sounds challenging!!! Way to work hard! I run in the mountains! You'll never ... read more

  26. Steve P.
      Great Performance

    awesome ride Angela!! on a workout

  27. Audrea R.
      Nice Job

    yeah, the treadmill is routinely hated on, but it sure beats a heat stroke! ... read more

  28. Lori
      You're Funny

    HAHAHAHA! on a workout

  29. Raquel W.
      Great Performance

    Way to end a very consistent week! on a workout

  30. Marnie R.
      Nice Job

    lol well deserved couch time :) on a workout

  31. Audrea R.
      You're an Inspiration

    Fight on! *raises fist* on a workout

  32. Deb M.
      Nice Job

    LOL! I never considered that aspect of braces. :-) on a workout

  33.   Nice Job

    Yay for a great midweek run! on a workout

  34. Audrea R.
      You're an Inspiration

    Way to push through! Impressive! on a workout

  35.   Nice Job

    Pumpkin smoothie! I've never tired one of those. It sounds yummy! on a workout

  36. Lori
      Nice Job

    I'm glad you're feeling better and back in action!! on a workout

  37. Javier D.

    Alright Angela, congrats! on a workout

  38. Lou Ann
      Great Performance

    Great job, congrats on a workout

  39. Elizabeth K.
      Great Performance

    yay for a new PR! congrats!! on a workout

  40. Corinna M.
      Great Performance

    Whoot! on a workout

  41.   Congrats

    Congrats, Angela. on a workout

  42.   Good Luck

    Nice 2, good luck in the half on Sunday! I'll be halving it then, too . :) on a workout

  43. James
      Nice Job

    i am with you. getting active first thing in the morning just sets the WHOLE... read more

  44. Marnie R.
      Good Luck

    best of luck! you will be great! on a workout

  45. Elizabeth K.
      Good Luck

    good run, good luck, take lots of pics, have fun & GO TEAM!! on a workout

  46. Lori
      You're an Inspiration

    As always, it was great running with you!! I couldn't have done it without yo... read more

  47. Lori
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice ride! I'm afraid to even contemplate riding and drinking at the same tim... read more

  48. Lori
      Great Performance

    Great run! I like your profile picture, too :-) We are pretty darned cute! HA... read more

  49. Lori
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job, Angela! Sorry I had to bail on you, but at least we both got outsi... read more

  50. Lou Ann
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job!!!! Yahooo! Shazaam on a workout