Wall of Motivation (311)

  1. Brian
      Good Luck

    You're going to rock it!

  2. Hong W.
      Great Performance

    wow...impressive run! on a workout

  3. Hong W.
      Great Performance

    wow!!! Great run despite high mileage this week! :) on a workout

  4. Erin M.
      Good Luck

    Good luck! on a workout

  5. James T.
      Good Luck

    Good Luck Zam! on a workout

  6. Julie
      Good Luck

    Good Luck Tomorrow!!! on a workout

  7. Hong W.
      Nice Job

    nice pace! Wish my legs are working! on a workout

  8. Angie M.
      Nice Job

    Awesome job!!!!! on a workout

  9. Madiantin
      You're an Inspiration

    DANG Angie! Your last six miles were that fast after running 11 miles before... read more

  10. Fritz
      Nice Job

    Nice job! I just don't have the fortitude to wake up that early! on a workout

  11. Joe N.

    Nice race Angie! on a workout