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Kettle Moraine 100. Flatrock 101k, Rocking K 50, Garmin Marathon, Marin Ultra Challenge 50k, Angry Bull 6 hour, PsychoWyco 50k

Wall of Motivation (169)

  1. Alfred H.
      Feel Better

    I hope you feel better soon, Andrew!

  2. Gavin
      Get Better

    Feel better!

  3. John A.
      Feel Better

    Get well!

  4. John A.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace! Safe trip back to the states. The way my friends back in Norfolk/V... read more

  5. Alfred H.

    Great run, Andrew! Congrats on a big week of training, too! on a workout

  6. Alfred H.
      Nice Job

    Solid run, Andrew! No need to beat yourself up! on a workout

  7. Sabu C.
      Nice Job

    You set your priority right! on a workout

  8. Mab13
      Feel Better

    Have a great hike. Sounds like you need some recovery:-) on a workout

  9. Alfred H.

    Great "naked" run, Andrew! Congrats on topping 100 miles for the year! on a workout

  10. Mab13
      Nice Job

    Great mileage, Andrew:-) on a workout

  11. Sabu C.
      Great Performance

    A great run. It was rather chilly this morning. I hope you did not catch cold. on a workout

  12. Alfred H.
      Great Performance

    Awesome run, Andrew! Way to show that kid who's in charge! on a workout

  13. Alfred H.

    Great run, Andrew! Congrats on topping 800 so early in the year! on a workout

  14. Alfred H.

    Awesome run, Andrew! Congrats on hitting 26.2! on a workout

  15. Alfred H.
      Nice Job

    Nice run, Andrew! You could do a lot worse than chicken fried steak! on a workout

  16. Alfred H.
      Great Performance

    Nice Night Owl run, Andrew! on a workout

  17. Mab13
      You're an Inspiration

    You bonked at 8 and kept going for 9 more! If you can do that..... on a workout

  18. John A.
      Feel Better

    You're putting in some great miles! Great to meet you and to find someone els... read more

  19. Mab13
      Nice Job

    I had issues with my right side yesterday after my 20 miler and am going to g... read more