5048 total / 334 in 2015

Well, the plan is Year #4 with MTT and hopefully, a fall marathon. If not, then 2 half marathons in the fall.

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  • 14 miles
  • 04:54 time
  • 1448 calories
  • 6 workouts
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  1. FIT
    great Thursday Afternoon CORE Class 00:30

    Did some older stuff.....kind of a blast from the past, even though we've only had CORE class since last still was a blast from the past. haa haa!

  2. RUN
    Thursday Morning Run - Nothin... 4.01 mi 00:42 10:28 pace

    Great morning, nice weather/temps, saw a deer, saw a couple rabbits, saw 2 people walking and said hi. Now on with the day!

  3. FIT
    great Centergy Class 01:00

    Last time doing this class, I think. Next week, back to Booty Barre. I enjoyed it very much, and hope I can do it again sometime. It was a great introduction into the yoga world.

  4. RUN
    alright High Humidity in May?!? 6 mi 01:03 10:24 pace

    Serious high humidity this morning. Was dragging....

    • Crystal K.
      Crystal K.

      Dew point was high 60s, that's what kills us and damn, it's too early for this, right? It's gonna be a loooooong summer.

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  5. FIT
    great HOT ASS YOGA! 01:00

    Class was full of men, tonight, doing hot yoga. I won't complain, I enjoyed that!

  6. RUN
    great Memorial Day Run with the Girls 4 mi 00:40 09:58 pace

    Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Hope you got a run in this morning! I did and now I'm eating homemade cinnanamon pecan pancakes. Mmmmm.......

  7. RUN
    great Last Saturday Run before MTT 9.65 mi 01:36 09:59 pace

    Last group run with my winter group, before we start to separate out into our MTT groups. What a wonderful breezing morning for a run! I love this weather. Happy Memorial Day weekend, all!

    https... read more

  8. FIT
    good CORE Class 00:30

    I love Thursdays..because once CORE class is done, I know I can chill out like a lazy person until Saturday! Yay for Thursdays!

  9. RUN
    good Temps to Perfection! 4.01 mi 00:43 10:39 pace

    Did anyone else get to enjoy this early morning's perfect temps? It was 58 degrees when I started running. Perfect!! There is this one wooded area on a street I run thru that I noticed this... read more

    • Pankaj S.
      Pankaj S.

      Weather was perfect indeed! Good run!

      8 days ago Like1 person

    • Chris N.
      Chris N.

      I was sad this week when my favorite route goes through a nice country road that is being widened and all the tress are now down. It's he little things that matter, I hear you.

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    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      Awe, man, Chris, that is sad news.

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  10. RUN
    good Wednesday Morning Run w/Friends 6 mi 01:00 10:00 pace

    Tired of being the "slow one" in the group. I wish this nerve stuff would go away permanently, but I know it isn't going to.

  11. FIT
    great Hot Vinyassa Yoga 01:00

    Lawd Have Mercy! My body was so soaked with sweat, that I couldn't even grab hold of my legs or arms or anything! Love that class! Instructor had us cracking up the whole time!!

  12. RUN
    good Steamy Morning Run 4 mi 00:41 10:10 pace

    Wow, steamy and sticky this morning.

  13. FIT
    good Monday Afternoon CORE Class 00:30

    I haven't slept in 4 nights....struggled thru the day, skipped running this morning so I could try to sleep an extra 45 minutes and barely got thru CORE class this afternoon. I did it, and now... read more

  14. RUN
    great Run with the Boyz 8.6 mi 01:29 10:22 pace

    Just me and two guys this morning. Fun times! Haa haa haa!!! This one was a struggle...not sure if it was the humidity or the sun beaming down in my face. read more

    • Kathryn

      Me and 5 guys this morning! Where are all the girls at???

      13 days ago Like1 person

    • Craig

      Oh the testosterone must have been amazing. I imagine they were all talking about their scars and how they got them to impress you. Haha!

      13 days ago Like1 person

    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      Kathryn, not sure, but the guys are hilarious! I love that they accept me as "one of the boys". haa haa haa!!

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    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      LOL, scar talk, however, one did show me where the doctor removed a toenail this past week. That was kinda gross. Haa ha ha ha haa!!

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  15. FIT
    good Thursday Afternoon CORE Class 00:30

    This has been a tiring week, but I got thru CORE class. Was feeling kind of weak in class today. I guess I just am lacking sleep.

  16. RUN
    great "It was Light at 5:30 am!" Run 4 mi 00:40 10:03 pace

    Walked outside at 5:30 am and it was actually light. Loving this time of year, plus back to cool temps. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-O!

  17. FIT
    good Centergy Class 01:00

    I think this may be the last time I do this they are going to switch it back to Booty Barre next week. That's fine, I am happy with either class.

  18. RUN
    good Hump Day Morning Run 6.28 mi 01:03 09:59 pace

    Weather was nicer this morning....not as stuffy as yesterday. Ran with friends. Very good to catch up with them.

  19. FIT
    great HOT VINYASA YOGA! 01:00

    My 2nd time taking the Hot Vinyasa Yoga class. I really love this class. Something about sweating my ass off in a room with the lights down low and a funny instructor makes all the difference in ... read more

  20. RUN
    good Very Humid Early Morning Run 4 mi 00:41 10:13 pace

    Whew, this one was humid! It's only mid-May! It's too early to be this humid!

    • Pankaj S.
      Pankaj S.

      It was warm out there today..

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    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      Very warm. I started around 5:20 am, too, and was having issues with breathing.

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    • Beth A.
      Beth A.

      You were smart to start early! By 9:30, I was really doubting the wisdom of running. Guess we have to get acclimated some time!

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    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      It's been cold for so long...this heat just snuck up on us!

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