Wall of Motivation (42)

  1. Viju V.
      Nice Job

    great... on a workout

  2. Tameika
      Nice Job

    Great 10 Amy! Glad you had a great run and a lovely day to do it! on a workout

  3.   Nice Job

    Nice zapping Amy! on a workout

  4. Tameika

    You did it Amy! I am so happy for you. I didn't know this was your first mara... read more

  5. Diane A.

    Amazing job MARATHONER!!!! on a workout

  6. Erin P.

    AC, YOU ROCKED IT MAMA! CONGRATS on your marathon! You did a great job and ... read more

  7. Gil R.

    Great job Amy! You'll crack 5 next time! on a workout

  8. Beth W.
      Good Luck

    Kick butt!!!! on a workout

  9. Tameika
      Nice Job

    Great job Amy!! So glad you found a workaround. on a workout

  10. Tara H.
      Good Luck

    Awesome! Good luck! on a workout

  11. Tameika
      Nice Job

    Yeah for the return! Hope the toe is still feeling good. on a workout

  12.   Hi-five

    Great miles and pace, Amy! on a workout

  13.   Great Performance

    Always wanted to run the supported baltimore run. Great 20 miler Amy! I alway... read more

  14. Tara H.

    Great distance/pace. Congrats! on a workout

  15. Tameika
      Great Performance

    Great speed work! Seconds earned because you worked for it. Nice! on a workout

  16.   Congrats

    Nice work, Amy! Always great to see yourself improve! on a workout

  17. Tara H.
      Nice Job

    Great job! on a workout

  18. Amy T.
      Nice Job

    Humidity is not fun... way to put in a good 4, Amy! :o) on a workout

  19.   Hi-five

    Nice, lookin speedy! on a workout

  20. Ken T.
      You're Funny

    A chainsaw can be a bright spot in so many situations... on a workout

  21.   Cheers

    The heat is slowing everyone down, believe me. When the Fall comes these slow... read more

  22. Mike R.
      Nice Job

    Congrats, Amy! on a workout

  23.   You Rock

    Great long run!!! It's so exciting when you complete a goal like that! on a workout

  24. Patty E.
      You're Funny

    Nice one Amy! on a workout

  25.   Great Performance

    Wow, with heat, trails, hills, distance, that's one tough workout, girl! on a workout

  26. Patty E.
      Nice Job

    Nice run Amy! on a workout

  27.   Nice Job

    Nice miles Amy! on a workout

  28.   Great Performance

    Nice work Christopher! on a workout

  29.   Good Luck

    You'll be fine tomorrow. You've got a pretty good, consistent workout history... read more

  30. Paul F.
      Great Performance

    nice way to prep for marathon season on a workout

  31.   Nice Job

    Eastridge will get easier, then you'll have Pickett. I loved training with CC... read more

  32.   Nice Job

    Good run! on a workout

  33.   Good Luck

    I hope you are feeling better now and ready for tomorrow! Good luck! on a workout

  34. Carol H.
      Feel Better

    I hope you feel better quickly! on a workout

  35. Lisa P.
      Nice Job

    Be careful on that hip Amy! Nice job! on a workout

  36. Melissa M.
      Nice Job

    She has a way of doing that, doesn't she. on a workout

  37. Karen H.
      You're Funny

    I do that all the time too. Whoops! on a workout

  38. Melissa M.
      Nice Job

    Way to get it in. I hear you..I didn't workout this am, my hubby was sick an... read more

  39. Melissa M.
      Nice Job

    Nice job! on a workout

  40. Melissa M.
      Nice Job

    I love those types of workout. Good job and nice pace!! on a workout

  41.   Nice Job

    Fun stuff today. on a workout

  42.   Good Luck

    Roller derby is so cool! Hope you get it! on a workout