Wall of Motivation (17)

  1. Michelle
      Nice Job

    Way to go!!! That's 1.65 miles farther than anyone who slept in this morning :) on a workout

  2. Blanca G.
      Nice Job

    Great workout! on a workout

  3. Blanca G.
      Nice Job

    Great Job!! You are doing so good!!! on a workout

  4. Mike F.
      Nice Job

    What a spirit! Way to go! Of course you CAN do it! :) on a workout

  5. Blanca G.
      Nice Job

    You can do it!!! I can't wait to follow your training!! on a workout

  6. Pamela Drop It M.
      Nice Job

    Good going. Keep DRoPPING IT! In the cold too, great no excuses! on a workout

  7. Connie C.
      Get Better

    Great job Altamese! Hope your knee and heel feels better. on a workout

  8. Seymone
      Great Performance

    Way to go... on a workout

  9. Don W.
      Great Performance

    It WAS like 235degrees out today, so go easy on yourself, and great work so far. on a workout

  10. Danie G.
      Great Performance

    Nicely done! on a workout

  11. Jessica C.

    That is AWESOME! on a workout

  12. Connie C.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  13. Jacky C.
      Great Performance

    Glad you found a program that works better for you! Well done! on a workout

  14. Danie G.
      You're an Inspiration

    Did you do all of that in ONE day!? on a workout

  15. Enessa V.
      Nice Job

    Keep it up!

  16. Danie G.
      Nice Job

    Aaaaaaand she's back! on a workout

  17. Carolyn
      Nice Job

    Really great to see! on a workout