6854 total / 876 in 2016

To stay fit and healthy for me and for my family; and to keep running when I can :)

Wall of Motivation (462)

  1.   Hi-five

    5+ miles is a great walk no matter the pace! Excellent! on a workout

  2.   Hi-five

    Good stuff! WTG! on a workout

  3.   Hi-five

    Nice miles and cross training. I like my resistance bands, too -- easy to use... read more

  4.   Cheers

    Great workout! on a workout

  5.   Hi-five

    Determination here! on a workout

  6. Freddy O.

    Great news!! Congratulations!! on a workout

  7. Helene W.

    You go, girl! Huge Congrats for kicking some male butts! on a workout

  8. Freddy O.
      Nice Job

    Great walk with pupster! Nice little way to end this week! :) on a workout

  9. Freddy O.

    Way to go Ann!! on a workout

  10. Helene W.

    "Not too bad"? Are you kidding? This is fantastic, Ann! on a workout

  11. Zeuslightngbolt
      Nice Job

    awesome rows and flys! on a workout

  12. Petite
      Great Performance

    Great job Ann! This is one heck of a calorie burner for sure. My boss does ka... read more

  13. Helene W.
      Feel Better

    :-( for the sinus infection but :-) for still working out. on a workout

  14. Freddy O.
      Feel Better

    Feel better soon! As long as you don't do anything extreme, a little workout ... read more

  15. 26x25
      Get Better

    Sounds like you aren't too bad Ann. Good work!! on a workout

  16. Jules A.
      Nice Job

    Nice! on a workout

  17. Sue R.

    WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!! CONGRADS ANN!!! on a workout

  18. Sue R.
      Great Performance

    Way to ROCK IT Ann!!! on a workout

  19. Chona D.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  20. Freddy O.
      Nice Job

    Nice little way to start the year, Ann! on a workout

  21. Helene W.

    Wow! Huge congrats, Ann! on a workout

  22. Petite
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice gratitude run, Ann. Thank you for being my friend here on DM. I apprecia... read more

  23. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Strong session Ann. Well done on a workout

  24. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Good work Ann on a workout

  25. Sunne H.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow, quite the workout, Ann!! on a workout

  26. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Strong stuff Ann on a workout

  27. 26x25
      You're Funny

    Did you count every one? I don't have that many fingers! on a workout

  28. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Strong sesh Ann on a workout

  29. 26x25
      Nice Job

    The best way to clock miles on a workout

  30. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Porkchop - what a great name. on a workout

  31. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Uphill fun on a workout

  32. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Walk well walked Ann on a workout

  33. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Super work today Ann on a workout

  34. 26x25
      Nice Job

    You two are deffo girls! 25 stores! Is that a record on a workout

  35. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Love the walking the walk Ann on a workout

  36. Jules A.
      Nice Job

    Congrats! on a workout

  37. 26x25
      You're Funny

    That tush follows you every where on a workout

  38. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Great grit Ann on a workout

  39. 26x25
      You're Funny

    No one will mess with Ann now - your reputation will be all around on a workout

  40. 26x25
      Nice Job

    Strong stuff as usual Ann on a workout

  41. 26x25
      You're Funny

    Wow - did you count all of those steps? I don't have that many fingers and toes on a workout

  42. Petite

    Wowza! Your training/constant practice has truly paid off. Congratulations, Ann! on a workout

  43. Sunne H.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job, Ann!! on a workout

  44. Keith H.

    Congrats! on a workout

  45. 26x25
      You're Funny

    If you are running how about jumping around too? LoL. Sounds fun on a workout

  46. 26x25

    Wondrous reward for you in Weapons. Congrats on a workout

  47. Sunne H.
      You're an Inspiration

    Yikes is right! Love it that you can do 2.2 miles and then turn around and do... read more

  48.   You're an Inspiration

    Congratulations Ann!! on a workout

  49. Daniela
      Good Luck

    Good luck, Ann! on a workout

  50. Petite

    Cheers to the active lifestyle Ann! on a workout