45217 total / 3930 in 2018

Keep beating those young pups plus a good GNR time.

Friends (25)

  • Jason P.

    Jason P.

    Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB, Stay fit, healthy and enjoy riding different bikes on different routes with different folks

  • John E.

    John E.

    Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB, To regain my fitness after my little health blip, I won't be competing in any more triathlons though (I think)

  • Nick


    Cleckheaton, GB,

  • Karen F.

    Karen F.

    Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB, For 2015 - to run a 5k sub 21, a 10k race sub 43 mins and a half marathon sub 1:36

  • Richard K.

    Richard K.

    Brough With St Giles, GB, I love Cycling, and it helps me stay fit. I also do the occasional running, but Cycling is my true passion. I do road and Off road. both are good fun.

  • Kevin W.

    Kevin W.

    Nantwich, Cheshire East CW JJ, UK, 100 miles each week, Fitness - 85kg - less than 21BMI Ride of the Roses for Clatterbridge Cancer Charity at the end of August 2014.

  • Bree C.

    Bree C.

    Surrey, BC, Get back running after a baby took me off the road for a while!

  • Martin


    Blyth, GB, General health and weight loss

  • Val B.

    Val B.

    Birtley, GB, Just to keep moving!

  • Kat C.

    Kat C.

    Long Beach, CA, Have fun, stay fit and healthy, compete in a bunch of races (running and triathlons) in 2013! (And oh, not break any bones again.)

  • Graham P.

    Graham P.

    Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB,

  • Rob F.

    Rob F.

    Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB,

  • Joe J.

    Joe J.

    Chester, GB, Round the Year 200K (i.e. a minimum of a 200K a month for 12 months) A minimum of one 80 km ride each week 10'000 mile year total. At least one tour.

  • Mark M.

    Mark M.

    Santa Clarita, CA, Do i dare.....1,000,000' feet of Elevation A lofty goal for sure.

  • Keith W.

    Keith W.

    East Boldon, GB, To get fit and organise & complete a ride for a worthy charity every year, enjoy GB from my saddle and never push a bike up a hill again!

  • Jim I.

    Jim I.


  • Paul G.

    Paul G.

    Gateshead, GB,

  • Dale T.

    Dale T.

    Port Clinton, OH, Cycle every single day in 2013. Stay HEALTHY and FIT through cycling and enjoy living life to the FULLEST!

  • Laura S.

    Laura S.

    Leeds, GB, To be able to run a 10K - Done To be able to run a half marathon - Done To be able to run a marathon

  • Darran E.

    Darran E.

    Hepburn, IA, To regain the fitness probably lost forever!

  • Ponyo Y.

    Ponyo Y.

    San Francisco, CA, To ride again.

  • Lee W.

    Lee W.

    Boldon, GB, Super Randonneur in 2012...? 200k, 300k, 400k and 600k. Worth a go... plus some TTs in the summer around Leamside

  • Louise R.
  • Sarah C.

    Sarah C.

    North Tyneside, GB,

  • Chris H.

    Chris H.

    Gateshead, GB,