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Stay faster than Doogan. I like my shoes.

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Adam logged 82 miles.

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  1. RUN
    alright 4.5 mi 00:39 08:43 pace

    getting in shape for the hero rush! got stabbed in the food with a tack halfway through the run.. who pranks runners with the old "tack-on-the-teachers-chair" trick anyway?

    • Josh H.
      Josh H.

      need to get to an 8min/mi pace in 3 days.. halp?

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    • Josh H.
      Josh H.

      how do you gauge your pace during your run? ;) also running at allaire (x country, hills, dirt, roots, zig zag turns) I was like... 11 mins.. ugh ;)

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    • Adam R.
      Adam R.

      eh.. i usually map out the course before i hit it :\ or at least figure out where different mile / half mile marks are.. if you want a REALLY sweet park, we should hit holmdel sometime.. they have this one part called the "bowl", it's like a 1/4 mile down hill, then 1/4 mile back up.. and if you do the 8k course it dips into this crazy bike path that's almost too narrow to run haha

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  2. RUN
    great das treadmilche 2 mi 00:12:40 06:19 pace

    sorry jen :)

  3. RUN
    great parents house! 0.5 mi

    what hurricane? thanks to michele and cj!

  4. RUN
    great more down da streets! 2.5 mi 00:20 07:53 pace

    thaatttsss better. good ol' trusty nike's.

    • Jennifer

      The one woman I know does her normal run first then does her barefoot (she has those shoes) run (only a mile long).

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Adam R.
      Adam R.

      hrrmm.. maybe that's a better idea.. i figured since the barefoot run was more strenuous at this point it made sense to do it first. i'll try it the other way around after the storm passes..

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  5. RUN
    blah around da streets.. 0.55 mi

    gaahh this starting over stuff is dumb! ran with michele though.. so i took the vibrams off and...

  6. RUN
    blah around the streets 0.5 mi

    stupid. guess i'll follow the vibrams suggestions every 3-4 days of running 10% of your normal routine. my calves are still sore.

  7. walk
    good 0.25 mi 00:05:00 20:00 pace

    pretty good. got a coffee at the halfway point.

  8. RUN
    alright mill 4.1 mi 00:32 07:48 pace

    need to get more distance in!

  9. RUN
    good mill. 5 mi 00:38 07:30 pace

    my legs and i are not talking.. they're really mad at what i've been putting them through.

  10. RUN
    tired milled. 5 mi 00:39 07:49 pace

    gotta get this milage up so i can get out to center valley tomorrow to walk doogan!

  11. RUN
    good treadmill 5 mi 00:40 08:04 pace

    and back to running! i walked the first 2 minutes and figured i'd just include that in the mileage rather than try to get that time down to an even 8 min/mi. also didn't bother running mo... read more

  12. RUN
    blah t-mill 3 mi 00:21 06:56 pace

    wanted to do 4 miles.. crapped out at 2.75. :(

  13. RUN
    alright 3 mi 00:23 07:40 pace

    22 degrees outside, 65 degrees in the gym... i'll be in the gym, screw you nature.

  14. RUN
    good 4 mi 00:32 08:00 pace

    steppin up my game!

  15. RUN
    great 3 mi 00:21 06:57 pace

    i guess this will be the last one i post to facebook.. now i just look like a huge asshole. erm, a bigger one than normal.

  16. RUN
    good 3 mi 00:23 07:30 pace

    next week im gunna up the distance and meebbbee slow down a tad. im still working off thanksgiving..

  17. RUN
    good zzzz 3 mi 00:23 07:30 pace

    fin's smoothies are quite delicious.

  18. RUN
    tired 2 mi 00:15:00 07:30 pace

    Runner's tip of the day: When you make observations the day before, you should probably follow them.

    • Jennifer

      Adam you are missing the point of why I run....I run so I CAN eat :o) A long long time ago....I was a fat girl LOL

      over 7 years ago Like

    • Adam R.
      Adam R.

      well duh, that's the whole point OF running! it's to eat whatever you want! haha and i had no idea you were a fat kid, since i've known you you've been all food conscious and junk.. i thought you were a health freak!

      over 7 years ago Like

    • Jennifer

      No I grew up on Wonder Bread and Kraft foods :o) Um you have been in my parents house...those cabinets haven't changed much :o)
      My health freakness started last year....I have been trying to convert Micheley ever since ;o)

      over 7 years ago Like

    • Adam R.
      Adam R.

      every time i've been there, there usually isn't that much food! i mean, soommeettimmeess cookies.. but usually there's not a lot of junk! haha as for micheley, i've noticed her trying to eat healthy.. then i go buy cookies for myself, and she climbs up on the counter (i try to hide them) and eats them all while im at work!

      over 7 years ago Like