477 total / 0 in 2014

First half marathon on 3/25/2012!!!!!

Friends (76)

  • Christine C.

    Christine C.

    Calgary, AB, healing the feet to run happy, improving my arm balances like the crane in yoga

  • Marc M.

    Marc M.

    Cooper City, FL, Qualify for Boston before I turn 50. That gives me until Sept. 2019.

  • Jennifer M.

    Jennifer M.

    Winston Salem, NC, To get fit, lose weight, see how well I can do with this physical and mental challenge.

  • Matthew P.

    Matthew P.

    Austin, TX, 2014: Get to 165 lbs, run a marathon in under 5 hours, run a 50K in under 7 hours

  • Kelly


    Madison, WI, Sub 2:15 half, sub 5:00 full, sub 30 min. 5k!

  • K R.

    K R.

    PA, Finding solace in running. Trying new things and testing my limits.

  • James


    Jerusalem, IL, Get back to running after injury. Don't get broken again.

  • Laetitia L.

    Laetitia L.

    Grand Junction, CO,

  • Chris M.

    Chris M.

    Leesburg, VA, Beast Series in 2014

  • Amalie P.

    Amalie P.

    Westwood, NJ, Started running on a whim on December 4, 2011. Loving every mile since...

  • Michael G.

    Michael G.

    North Plainfield, NJ, Continue to run for charity!

  • Brandon F.

    Brandon F.

    Springfield, MO, My goal is to move... forward!

  • Jessica M.

    Jessica M.

    , Building up my base through the rest of the year and then Disney Princess HM in February and Country Music Marathon in April!

  • David C.

    David C.

    Bethlehem, PA, 6.2 miles in 56:00 minutes, Broad St Run in 100 minutes(93), and the Runners World Half in October.

  • Ted


    San Diego, CA,

  • Kelly


    San Clemente, CA, I did it. 6 half marathons in 2011 (: now the goal is to beat my PR and run under 2:07. Time to start training harder.

  • Travis F.

    Travis F.

    Blue Springs, MO, 2014 Goals: Mileage: 750 - PR in every distance (5k, 10k, Half) - Run first full - Hit goal weight by August 1 - 6 days of activity per week

  • Sun T.

    Sun T.

    Milwaukee, WI,

  • Ryan


    Logan, UT, Lose another 25lbs. to make 100lbs weight loss total since the beginning of my journey! Finish 2014 St. George 70.3 in under 6 hours!!!! Finish LOTOJA!!!!

  • Laura H.

    Laura H.

    La Plata, MD, I'm a Christian runner, looking to make friends and give and receive encouragement.

  • Danielle N.

    Danielle N.

    Florence, IN,

  • Su N.

    Su N.

    Arlington, MA, 80km in 12 hours, drop my overall pace from 12.4 to 8.7 min/km.

  • Chelsea B.

    Chelsea B.

    Cleveland, OH, Sub-2:00 half marathon & continuing to beat those 5k PR's. Stay active, tone core, work on upper body strength.

  • Cheryl S.

    Cheryl S.

    Grand Junction, CO, Run a half marathon under 1:40

  • Paul B.

    Paul B.

    Australia, AU, Run a marathon in 2014