Wall of Motivation (17)

  1. Craig F.
      Great Performance

    It was great to see the rain this morning. I know you were out in it but I wa... read more

  2. Ed T.
      Great Performance

    awesome work Aaron!!...well done!!! on a workout

  3. Jessica J.
      Nice Job

    Great 10 on the TM. It's almost harder on the TM once you start getting that ... read more

  4. Mike
      Great Performance

    Great job, Aaron -- that's a long way on the treadmill! on a workout

  5. Sara N.
      Great Performance

    So fun seeing you and Christa before the race!! Great job to both of you!! ... read more

  6. Tom N.

    Nice run Aaron! Keep up the great training like this and Chicago is going to ... read more

  7. Christopher
      Great Performance

    Nice run Aaron on a workout

  8. Mike

    Nice pace -- great to see you guys on the out-and-back portion of the route. ... read more

  9. Tom N.
      Post a workout!

    Where's your posts?!?!?! I thought I saw you running last night around 5:30 o... read more

  10. Sara N.
      Nice Job

    Glad we found you along your LR this morning...nice surprise!! I think you d... read more

  11. Mike
      Great Performance

    Wow, Aaron -- the human machine (Ed) said you are too fast for him. Congrats! on a workout

  12. Tom N.
      Great Performance

    Great run Aaron. This is awesome training weather. Just think if you can do t... read more

  13. Joel
      Great Performance

    Nice pace Aaron. on a workout

  14. Sara N.
      Nice Job

    YAHOO!! The cast is OFF!! Congrats Aaron!! Nice way to celebrate with a bi... read more

  15. Tom N.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow. You are iron man! Amazing still getting out there and getting some miles... read more

  16. Mike
      Get Better

    I'll keep my eyes peeled. on a workout

  17. Mike
      Nice Job

    Great weekly mileage!