Friends (24)

  • Paul S.

    Paul S.

    Treasure Island, FL, To log at least 35 miles per week with running and 20 miles biking.

  • Gail D F.

    Gail D F.

    Sioux Falls, SD, I am training to do my first physique natural body building competition on July 26, 2014.....YIKES!

  • Jessica J.

    Jessica J.

    Sioux Falls, SD, Living actively

  • Elizabeth V.

    Elizabeth V.

    Sioux Falls, SD, 1:45 half marathon, sub 4:00 marathon! Mainly, just to feel like an athlete again :)

  • Ed T.

    Ed T.

    Sioux Falls, SD, run hard and live easy

  • Jen V.

    Jen V.

    Sioux Falls, SD, Short-term: To run! Shooting for 750 miles in 2013. Run 2 1/2 marathons (one at 1:50:00 would be nice). Long-term: To run 10 1/2 marathons before I turn 40.

  • Jeff


    Mankato, MN,

  • Eric H.

    Eric H.

    Sioux Falls, SD, 1) ??? Feels like I should do something big 2) Run a 10k in my age.

  • Christa S.

    Christa S.

    Harrisburg, SD, Sub 3:47 marathon

  • Christopher


    Sioux Falls, SD, TC Marathon

  • Dave W.

    Dave W.

    Sioux Falls, SD,

  • Chad B.

    Chad B.

    Harrisburg, SD, 2014 goals... PR's in the 5k, 1/2 marathon, Newton Hills Trail race, and TC 10. Run my first 50k and 50 mile ultra marathon!

  • Mike


    Sioux Falls, SD, Achieve a new marathon PR.

  • Lynn B.

    Lynn B.

    Harrisburg, SD, 5k on Sept 11 (for now)

  • Carolyn D.

    Carolyn D.

    Sioux Falls, SD, Ran Chicago Marathon10-10-10... Complete 1/2 marathon in less than 2 hours and a full in less than 5 hours. Pressing on with courage in honor of my family/kids

  • Angie R.

    Angie R.

    Sioux Falls, SD, Run.

  • Sara N.

    Sara N.

    Harrisburg, SD, Start training again for another half marathon...

  • Karla


    Sioux Falls, SD, Lose Myself in Nature and Find Peace; Half Marathon in 1:50; Marathon (Sub 4 hours)

  • Tom N.

    Tom N.

    Harrisburg, SD, 2000 Miles Running 3:30:00 or less Marathon 0:20:00 or less 5K

  • John J.

    John J.

    Sioux Falls, SD, 2013 races - PR St. Cloud Half 1:26:57 again. Edmonton AB Marathon, complete first tri. Active in the community as a running mentor in our school programs.

  • Joseph N.

    Joseph N.

    Sioux Falls, SD, Nothing right now. You want to pick one for me?

  • Craig F.

    Craig F.

    Sioux Falls, SD,

  • Joel



  • John5k


    Mesquite, TX, To run a half marathon in 2011