Wall of Motivation (20)

  1. Theodora B.
      Great Performance

    yay! Awesome job. on a workout

  2. Jennifer B.
      Great Performance

    YAYAYAYAY! on a workout

  3. Dcc
      You're Funny

    Truth. on a workout

  4. Melissa M.
      You're an Inspiration

    way to get out there this morning! I agree - it was intolerable; I got sweaty... read more

  5. Abel C.
      Nice Job

    great work on a workout

  6. Abel C.

    Way to go! on a workout

  7. Jsquared
      Great Performance

    AWESOME JOB! on a workout

  8. Abel C.
      Nice Job

    great work! on a workout

  9. Abel C.
      Feel Better

    Great work on a workout

  10. Caitlin T.
      Great Performance

    hahah nice job ellen!! on a workout

  11. Dana D.
      Nice Job

    I think that pretty much sums up Summer Streets :) on a workout

  12. Dcc
      Great Performance

    It always is better to do it in a skort... on a workout

  13. Chelsea P.
      Nice Job

    Good work! on a workout

  14. Caitlin T.
      Great Performance

    hell yeah!!!!! the 2 things i love!! wwdtm and ellipticalling!!! on a workout

  15. Caitlin T.
      Nice Job

    could be worst! keep your head up! on a workout

  16. Caitlin W.

    hell yeah! great run! this was a really fun race. i'm bummed i didn't see you! on a workout

  17. Josephine
      Nice Job

    great job getting out there in the cold! on a workout

  18. Meghan D.
      Nice Job

    Great work today and you'll totally kick butt in the next race! on a workout

  19. Caitlin T.
      Nice Job

    ah so jealous i live too far away :( I've read all the posts it sounds like a... read more

  20. Cara Jo M.
      Great Performance

    You would be my hero if you ran over the holidays while traveling. Just sayin'. on a workout