Friends (90)

  • Darlene C.

    Darlene C.

    Delmar, NY, 5k in 28 minutes or less (DONE), run a 10K (DONE), a 15k (DONE), a half marathon (DONE), run again after ankle surgery (DONE)

  • Megan G.

    Megan G.

    New Canaan, CT, To run the Philly Marathon on November 17!

  • Tim C.

    Tim C.

    Milwaukee, WI, Run, drink beer:

  • Gerald S.

    Gerald S.

    New York, NY, Run in 2 Half Marathons in 2011 and a Full Marathon by 2012

  • Dcc


    San Francisco, CA, Run the NYC Marathon. That is all.

  • Claire G.

    Claire G.

    New York, NY, Finding the next great adventure

  • Andrea


    Naperville, IL, For the first time in a very long time ..... I don't know.

  • Jsquared


    Alexandria, VA, In 2010 I fell in love with running and haven't stopped since. I've run a ton of races including 3 marathons. ::Sound Mind:Sound Body::

  • Justin B.

    Justin B.

    Medford, MA, PRs at all distances, maintaining running health. Running to honor a very special spirit in Catherine, a former student

  • Christopher G.

    Christopher G.

    Lancaster, PA, Be healthy and continue to find life meaningful along the way: Sub 20-min 5K Sub 45-min 10K Sub 1:45 for Half-marathon Complete a FULL marathon

  • Janelle


    Long Island City, NY,

  • Jill H.

    Jill H.

    TN, Rebuild my fitness and physique after pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Kristy S.

    Kristy S.

    Carol Stream, IL, Run the Chicago Marathon 2012- my 3rd marathon!

  • Josephine


    US, Run injury free!

  • Becky C.

    Becky C.

    Colorado Springs, CO, I've finished 4 marathons, working on getting back out into the running world :)

  • Beth A.

    Beth A.

    Philadelphia, PA, To do more cross-training to run stronger and with fewer injuries. To improve my marathon time in 2014 and finish strong. To troubleshoot some chronic injuries.

  • Sarah D.

    Sarah D.

    Newport, NH, Two half-marathons under my belt, countless 5ks, looking to increase speed and complete a full marathon in 2013.

  • Jen A.

    Jen A.

    Closter, NJ, MCM 2013!!!

  • Jennifer B.

    Jennifer B.

    New York, NY, 4 Half Marathons Sub-10:30 pace

  • Erin Shea S.

    Erin Shea S.

    Chicago, IL, Be present. Stretch always and often.

  • Courtney B.

    Courtney B.

    Austin, TX, sub-4:00 marathon

  • Kimra M.

    Kimra M.

    San Francisco, CA, Vineman 70.3

  • Ana


    Miami, FL,

  • Sue B.

    Sue B.

    Queens, NY, To run a Marathon sub 4.

  • Suzi S.

    Suzi S.

    Syracuse, NY, Weight loss/gain/loss success story. Recovering alcoholic. Marathoner. Overall badass.