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Brent logged 36588 miles.

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  1. VELO
    good Sunday 28.8 km 03:13 5.6mph pace

    512 meter elevation gain

  2. VELO
    good Myra Bailout 14.7 km 01:43 5.3mph pace

    507 meter elevation gain

  3. VELO
    good Everywhere 35.6 km 02:30 8.9mph pace

    393 meter elevation gain

  4. VELO
    good Vert ride 42.7 km 02:09 12.3mph pace

    788 meter elevation gain

  5. VELO
    good Sunday Greenway w Conor 32 km 02:24 8.3mph pace

    246 meter elevation gain

    Rolling w Conor.

  6. VELO
    great JAFNR blue bling 32.6 km 02:09 9.5mph pace

    Rolling with Conor again.
    157 meter elevation gain

  7. VELO
    Plow King 2 27.7 km 01:48 9.6mph pace

    111 meter elevation gain

    Rolling with Trevor

  8. VELO
    Plow King 28.5 km 01:56 9.2mph pace

    115 meter elevation gain

    Rolling with Streggie & Conor

  9. Helmet-mount rear-facing JAFNR snow riding with the mates. Always always someone will complain that you can see the helmet and/or my backpack . . .

    • 26x25

      Nice one Brent. I could mention those two things but I won't LoL

      21 days ago Like

  10. VELO
    great BIG Monday with Showtime 19.3 km 03:07 3.8mph pace

    280 meters of vert gain

    Okanagan Valley got puked on. 12-14 inches depending where you live. Schools closed Monday & Tuesday.

    I made it to work almost getting stuck numerous times. Obsta... read more

    • Jeff L. Cheers

      Oh my, what a crazy dealio. You guys hatch up the craziest plans of all. And all my shit is breaking lately, too. What is going on here! Stop the madness.

      20 days ago

    • 26x25

      What a stupendous adventure. Real hard stuff. I love it

      20 days ago Like

    • Leah You're Badass
      You're Badass:

      Crazy insane hard work !

      20 days ago

    • Kelownagurl T.
      Kelownagurl T.

      LOL, what a guy...

      20 days ago Like

  11. VELO
    great Fat bike rolling with Shawn i... 13.5 km 02:41 3.1mph pace

    462 meter gain

    Excellent ride. Rolling most of the ride - the hard part was keeping tire away from edge of trail. Instant washout. Loss of grip here and there but an excellent excellent ride. Than... read more

  12. VELO
    alright Goatf*cker the trail 36.6 km 02:50 8.0mph pace

    649 meter elevation gain

    Exact quote from Showtime Shane on 1/5/15s big hike a bike in knee deep snow to ride / skate ski. I was telling him about tonight - how Jet took us on "Reverb". ... read more

  13. VELO
    good NYD Smithy 53 km 04:40 7.1mph pace

    862 meter gain

    Rolled with Trevor & Jager. Official bye Shawn A. .

    Flume Trail had it's moments of stop go - but for the most part rolling was rolling - albeit way harder than normal. Pu... read more

  14. VELO
    great Minus 17C with Jet 17.2 km 01:41 6.4mph pace

    Rolling Crawford with Jason Jet.
    345 meter elevation gain.

    The cat took me on a trail I hadn't been on in years. Awesome. Pushing more snow - but still awesome. Again - heat management the ... read more

    • Leah

      Nothing - no Ice - No snow , no dark stops you from riding . What a massive inspiration !!

      26 days ago Like

    • Leah You're Badass
      You're Badass:

      You BADASS dude !!

      26 days ago

  15. Just ride your bike . . . .

    • Leah

      One of your all time best vids !!

      26 days ago Like

  16. VELO
    great Minus 17C with Streggie 21.8 km 01:41 8.1mph pace

    379 meter elevation gain

    Rolling with Streggie. Awesome peep. Wish I could have this cat roll with us more. Always good laughs and genuine banter.

    -17C and a undertone of heat management the who... read more

    • Leah You're Badass
      You're Badass:

      Freakin hardcore is what you are about !!

      26 days ago

  17. VELO
    great RSVP, Daze, Top of the World 48.4 km 03:44 8.1mph pace

    Watch the video. An EPIC EPIC day of riding.
    Unfortunately it started with receiving word of the jogger being hit and killed right on the 101 just too close to Leah 's home. Sad sad fukn trag... read more

    • Leah You're Badass
      You're Badass:

      Props awesome cycling beast man !

      26 days ago

  18. VELO
    great Rosey JAFNR 45.1 km 03:20 8.4mph pace

    993 meter elevation gain

    Rolling with Jager. Shawny couldn't make it - he was too busy driving with a bag of Doritos in his lap. Hee hee. Back from the Coast that is.

    Rose was a blast. Stic... read more

    • Leah You're Badass
      You're Badass:

      Hardcore is all I see here - wicked ride dude !!

      30 days ago

    • 26x25

      Sounds like a bunch of fun out there.

      30 days ago Like

  19. walk
    great Christmas walk with Ilana 4.9 km 01:05 21:20 pace

    Walking with Ilana to Teddy Bear.


  20. VELO
    great Christmas Hillbilly 27.7 km 02:51 6.0mph pace

    Rolling solo.
    680 meter elevation gain.

    Wanted this. Walk, crawl, whatever to get to Hillbilly. It ended up I had packed snow to Obelix. It's actually called Obelisk but my French Canadian ... read more

    • Leah

      A day filled with epic , way more awesome indeed !!

      about 1 month ago Like

    • 26x25

      Eric will know Asterix as well as Obelix then :-)

      about 1 month ago Like