Vermont City Marathon

any return runners?

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Hey everyone, welcome to the group! I grew up in Vermont, but didn't discover my love for running until I moved down here to South Carolina. So needless to say I'm very excited to return to my homestate to run!

If you have run this course before, can you tell us a little bit about it? I keep hearing it's flat...but the Vermont I remember is far from flat. SC is flat, haha.

Any insight would be great!

  • It's FAIRLY flat, how's that? There's really ONE hill of note-at 15-Battery Hill. It's fun. The out and back at around six is muy boring-but it comes at a good time. when you're not tired yet.

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  • In all fairness, I should first mention that I'm running the 2-person relay, so only doing this as a half-marathon.

    I've run the second half before and LOVED it! I loved the run up Battery St. Hill (the Taiko Drummers make it so awesome!) and the last few miles along the bike path, though sometimes crowded w/other runners and with less crowd support, was beautiful and peaceful.

    My partner and I both want to run the second half this year, so we'll have to duke it out (arm wrestle? flip a coin? pull on a wishbone?) to see which half I get. Chances are, I'll do the first, just to be nice (she's going through a tough time right now).

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    It is NOT flat but it is a great marathon! I ran the marathon two years ago and the first half of the race last year (relay). The first 13.1 have a few hills - notably mile 7-8 in which you are going up an "on ramp" - doesn't look steep but it kinda hurts when actually in the race. Not too bad until about mile 12.8 where there is a somewhat steep but very very short hill just before entering park for halfway point. Then, of course there is THE mother of all hills at mile 15 (16?) on Battery March. This is the WORST hill because it is bad and comes at a bad time. However, there is plenty of crowd support and the sound of the drums to get you through. After that it is FLAT. Another thing - you will be able to see the finish before you get there. Don't be fooled - you have to go "out and back" to get to the finish line so save some energy. It is a great race, not easy but great!

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