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C25K compared to RunKeeper?

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Hi all.
I've been using the RunKeeper Beginner 5k programme to get my arse off the coach and out there on to the streets.
I'm a fat woman who has recently taken up running to lose weight and get fit and I'm aiming to compete in an adventure race in March next year.
I've been writing a blog about my adventures with the RunKeeper Beginner 5k and would love to be able to review a few more running apps on my website at but I obviously don't really want to go through another beginner 5k programme like C25K. If anybody out there would like to write a guest post for my blog on your experiences with C25K, I'd really aprreciate it.
The website and blog is still pretty new, so doesn't score very high on Google pages at the moment. But I'm working on adding more content and creating more links and hopefully gaining some readership and all those things should hopefully start to move it up the rankings.
Please feel free to comment on here or on my website and let me know your thoughts on any of these isuues.
Thanks a lot
Jacks, a Fat Woman Running

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