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Yoga Helped My Iliotibial Band Issues

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Yoga has helped me immensely both mentally and physically. Yoga has reduced hip stiffness and stretched my Iliotibial Bands. I have all but eliminated the discomfort I have been experiencing over the past year!

  • Hi Carol,
    I too have had issues with my IT band this past year. I definitely would not have come as far as I have without yoga. I think I go to the chiropractor half as often as I would without yoga.
    But it's the mental workout that I get from yoga that I have benefited most from. Breathing though the challenge of holding a deep warrior 2 for 10 breaths comes in handy during the final miles of a marathon!
    How often do you practice? Classes or at home? I've always wanted to get into a routine of doing sunrise yoga on my front porch but rely too much on having someone tell me what to do.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  • Hey Emily....I agree with you about what yoga does for your breathing pattern and lung capacity. I am an old gal....more of a waddler than a "runner" but I get the miles under my feet and I think that is what matters most. I have been practicing yoga with this particular instructor for about a year and attend classes at least 3x a week at our local rec center. I am not sure how the rec scored such a high level instructor but I am happy about it....she is awesome!.I attended a yoga retreat last year and came home telling my husband I would be practicing on the back deck you I still need someone to direct me.
    I have a half coming up the end of April so I will get to see how much my IT has improved. Thanks for responding...

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