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First Group Run

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Hey everyone,

I am thinking of scheduling a weekend group run for 3rd or 4th week of March (after Shamrock and St. Malachi). Possible dates: March 20, 21, 27 or 28. Target mileage 12-16 miles. I don't like super early runs but maybe we can meet up between 9-10am. Various paces if we have enough runners probably break up into pace groups or else all decide a comfy pace like 8 or 9. Possible meeting place: akron area? Open to suggestions.

  • I love it. Thanks for planning far enough out that it can be planned. A Saturday morning is better for me.

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  • I'm with David J. Saturdays are probably better for me, with marathon training. I'd probably go more around 6-7 on Saturday. I don't know Akron, but I'll try to find wherever we decide!

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  • Des
    Des Sendmail

    6 March is the Green Jewel and 28 is the Fools 25/50K

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