40+ and proud of it./


Carol R.
60+ and still runningPosted by Carol R. - 7 years ago191556John F. about 3 years ago
Albom M.
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Dan B.
Busy dad looking for friends/modivationPosted by Dan B. - 3 years ago0654-
Dee Dee O.
Started at 50Posted by Dee Dee O. - 5 years ago1792Megan B. almost 5 years ago
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Denise B.
Ex-smoker new to runningPosted by Denise B. - 6 years ago43207Bruce L. over 5 years ago
Who's over 55 yrs old and NOT a runner?Posted by Bestself - 5 years ago0780-
Matthew M.
great first race, how is racing going for youPosted by Matthew M. - 5 years ago0840-
Matthew M.
starting anewPosted by Matthew M. - 5 years ago0912-
Bryce H.
1st half ironmanPosted by Bryce H. - 6 years ago11116Mike S. almost 6 years ago
Jyoti R.
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Michelle W.
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Michelle W.
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Leslie G.
Has your training changed?Posted by Leslie G. - 8 years ago111006S F. over 6 years ago
Kimberly Ann J.
Hello!Posted by Kimberly Ann J. - 6 years ago2742Annette B. almost 7 years ago