Stair Fitness Club

Stair Fitness Club

Getting in shape one stair at a time. Document your progress and Share your experience! Member Goal: At Least 15 Minute Stair Workout Per Week* *Translation: A total of 15 minutes workout per week, and not necessarily per workout session.

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House Steppin'Posted by Glenn S. - 8 years ago251020Glenn S. over 8 years ago
Sweatin' and Steppin'Posted by Norah - 8 years ago671389Norah over 8 years ago
Bert A.
Steppin Up to the 5,000 Step ChallengePosted by Bert A. - 8 years ago621510Bert A. over 8 years ago
5,000 Steps Summer ChallengePosted by Norah - 8 years ago9913S J. over 8 years ago
Steppin' It!Posted by Norah - 9 years ago21233Norah almost 9 years ago
Demesha W.
Stair MasterPosted by Demesha W. - 8 years ago11002Norah almost 9 years ago

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