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anyone's doctor tell them not to let their heart rate exceed 150?

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hello. i'm pregnant with my first child....15 weeks. my doctor told me not get let my heart rate exceed 150 beats per minute while running.... so i slowed down to about a 10, 10:30 minute mile... thinking that was sufficient... today i put on a heart rate monitor to make sure... and i had to slow down to a 12:30 mile... hardly a jog... in order to keep it in that range. i'm scared as to what stress i've put on the baby up until this point as well as frustrated in general. just reaching out to see if anyone has had a similar experience.

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    I'm 29 weeks now but when I first met with my OB and discussed my training (I had been using a specialist and had to find a new dr once I was pregnant) they wanted me to keep my HR at 145 or below. I had been monitoring my HR and knew that was super low for me so I negotiated and it was agreed that I could go up to 155. I was doing under a 9 min I'm doing a little over an 11 min mile. As I got further along I noticed my HR getting higher with less effort, so it's slowly gotten slower with time. I have found that I can use a stationary bike and push it and keep HR down, so I do that when I want a tough workout.

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