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shoulder pain

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I have been doing 100 pushups every morning for last month and my right shoulder is killing me at night. I am now taking a break and the pain is gone. I don't know what I can do differently. I just think it is too much for a shoulder that has some sort of problem. I have had pain in both shoulders over the years. Not sure how long I should rest the shoulder and try again.

  • I hope you don't mean EVERY morning. If so, you are seriously overworking the muscle groups. That type of repetition with no rest days and no alternative movements can cause the pain you are experiencing and lead to injury. Any trainer would be able to give you a nice, well-rounded exercise regime that will help you eliminate overuse injuries while staying strong and fit.

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  • I did 100 a day for a good 5 weeks. Now I am injured and not working upper body at all. I think it is my deltoid more then my shoulder.I work my core alot and can't do planks or pushups now at all. My son does 100 pushups a day with no difficulty but then again he is a guy and he is 27.

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  • Could be cartilage related. I have the same thing, and I think i found the answer before I asked

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  • the doctor feels it is my rotator cuff. I think I have hurt this one before. Both shoulders have been issues over the years. Still no push ups for me. Just light biceps, tris and lower body and core work.

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