Hundred Pushups

After achieving 100 push ups

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So what program do you follow after achieving this goal?

Have you all dropped weight training all together?

  • I just went back to doing some strength maintenance with mostly body weight exercises--pushups, squats, dips, calf raises, etc. I do that 2-3 times a week, nothing crazy. Because, after all, being able to do 100 pushups in a row is pretty cool but it doesn't make me a better distance runner; in fact when I was running a lot I felt like it started to interfere with my training.

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  • Why not start the program again, but make the pushups harder - elevate your feet, put a heavy book on your back, something like that? Muscles respond really well to cyclic periods of intensity.

    I'm doing this program with wussy pushups (on my knees) right now because I have an injured shoulder that I didn't want to aggravate. Next time around I'm going to have my legs straight, but my body inclined (feet down) at about 30degrees. I'm not going to do the full pushup until my 3rd time through the program.

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  • agree with Gregory

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