Exercising with Vibram FiveFingers

Exercising with Vibram FiveFingers

This group is for those enthusiasts who workout wearing Vibram FiveFinger shoes - share experiences, workouts, and motivate!

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Mark W.
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Mark W.
Which Vibram Five Fingers do you have and how are they working out?Posted by Mark W. - 5 years ago61335Chris K. over 3 years ago
Chad T.
Calves are killing me! Love these shoes though!Posted by Chad T. - 4 years ago31906Chad T. about 4 years ago
Mark W.
Sprints on the wayPosted by Mark W. - 5 years ago0719-
Mark W.
Excellent news about KSO Treks!Posted by Mark W. - 5 years ago0781-
Mark W.
Flows, first impressionPosted by Mark W. - 5 years ago0443-
Mark W.
First run with VFF KSOs yesterdayPosted by Mark W. - 5 years ago2566Mark W. over 5 years ago

44 Members

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