The Cupcake-tops Club

The Cupcake-tops Club

Say YES to Cupcakes, say NO to Body Fat! Work hard and eat bad! (Thanks, @yogi1jac, for the mission statement!)

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Jeff C.
Favorite Cupcake RecipesPosted by Jeff C. - 9 years ago71680Joyce over 8 years ago
frosting or cake? which is it?Posted by Muriel - 9 years ago5870Joyce over 9 years ago
Dailymile IT supports software AND cupcakes?!Posted by Muriel - 9 years ago3780Muriel over 9 years ago
How often do you reward yourself with a sweet treat?Posted by Chio - 9 years ago31519Joyce over 9 years ago
Jeff C.
If you could only eat one more cupcake before you died, who's cupcake would you eat? ...and what cupcake would it be?Posted by Jeff C. - 9 years ago14851Jessica L. over 9 years ago

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