Whatever you do, don't underestimate yourself!

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So yesterday was our Clinton meet and it was there that I realized how I don't give myself enough credit. At the beginning I'm thinking, "Oh, I'm going to do badly and get a really bad time" but in the end, I got a Lifetime PR and I broke 20 minutes. It was hard for me to do but I pushed myself and it payed off. I tend to underestimate myself a lot because I don't feel that I am a good runner, but I am. I work hard everyday and I push myself to the limit to run my best at meets, and I do. Some meets may be a little disappointing but at least I am there running and trying my hardest. Don't underestimate yourself, it just makes you feel a lot worse than you really are. So give yourself the credit, you definitely deserve it!

  • Way to go laura :) That's awesomeeeee! Your a super good runner, and i'm glad your not underestimating yourself anymore!

    P.S. i like your shorts ;)

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