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How do you all run ? What form / style ?

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Hello. I've been road running in vibrams for about 10 months now, and trail running in vibrams for 6 months. In the beginning I bruised my heel, then progressed to the all too familiar blisters on the toes and extremely painfull Calves. Then I Changed to pose style, and all this went away, but I'm not 100% pain / injury free.

How many are using the 100-up technicque and what are your results ?

  • I have changed from heel sticker to forefoot pose method with shoes, then I have be come a certified Chi Running Coach and do have to say Chi Running technique is better than a 100 up as the 100 up is missing the hip rotation.

    Also it is not necessary to lift your knee to move fast. Do think it is a great ad on to the push ups and crunches for overall fitness.

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