Barefoot Runners

Barefoot Runners

Have you read "Born to Run", thought about buying some Nike Free's or other super-light shoes, or heard about people actually running barefoot? Or maybe you just like the feeling of the green grass between your toes when you run.

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John G.
How do you all run ? What form / style ?Posted by John G. - 6 years ago11214Chendadou over 6 years ago
Heather R.
New Balance WT10'sPosted by Heather R. - 7 years ago11899Nathan T. almost 7 years ago
How I am checking my ego at the door. Did you go through this, too?Posted by Cesar - 6 years ago41217Cesar almost 7 years ago
Kevin T.
Five-Fingers Flow - warm enough?Posted by Kevin T. - 7 years ago11244Mihaela almost 7 years ago
John G.
How do you all run ? What form / style ?Posted by John G. - 6 years ago11101Myckel B. almost 7 years ago
Albert T.
Ultramarathon BarefootPosted by Albert T. - 6 years ago11213John G. almost 7 years ago
Johnny H.
Roadrunner sports chief runner calls BF running "Maximum Nonsense"Posted by Johnny H. - 9 years ago83785Marcus W. about 7 years ago
Steph M.
Gone Completely BARE.... Now Winter is just around the corner!!Posted by Steph M. - 7 years ago21139William T. about 7 years ago
Relatively New to the Minimal Running Experience.Posted by Santos - 7 years ago41182Santos about 7 years ago
Anton K.
Soft Sand RunnersPosted by Anton K. - 7 years ago0916-

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